Cafe of Life Chiropractic Practice Model is the Brainchild of Arno Burnier, D.C..
This Vitalistic Chiropractic Model of Practice emerged out of Arno Burnier, D.C.’s own 20 years well-being practice in Yardley, PA.

The Main Qualities of the Cafe of Life Model of Practice are:

  • Humanitarian
  • Philosophically Sound
  • Based on Contemporary Quantum Science
  • Clinical and Adjusting Excellence
  • Leading and Teaching by Example
  • Communication and Education in Present Time Consciousness
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Service
  • Giving of One’s Self
  • Engaged on a Path of Mastery
  • Self-Responsibility, Self-Accountability and Self-Determination of Human Beings


Arno Burnier, D.C.


Arno Burnier, D.C. is a reknown Doctor Of Chiropractic, an International Public Speaker on Chiropractic, Life, Health, Healing and Wellbeing. Married 35 years to his extraordinnary wife Jane, he is a Father and Grandfather. Arno is a Mentor, Coach and Teacher to countless Doctors of Chiropractic and Students. His impact and influence in the world of Chiropractic, Health and Healing is significant.

Ted Zerrer, D.C.


Ted Zerrer. D.C. opened the first Cafe of Life in Durango, CO in 1999. It became widely successful and set the stage for Cafes of Life to open worldwide. Ted is a Lover of Life, Epicurian, Husband and Father of three. Ted lives and think ‘out of the box’. His current practice in Durango Colorado is called ‘Z Chiropractic’ which for me being french spells ‘The Chiropractic’ with a french accent.

Jim Batchelder


Jim Batchelder founded Rest Easy Hosting in 2010 on the solid foundation of 17 years in the website hosting industry. His company brings the unusual pairing of strong tech experience and customer service excellence together. His dedication to outstanding I.T. service is second to none. Jim loves Chiropractic, Life and values loyalty, friendship and integrity.