Repetition… Repetition… Repetition

One of the most frequent statements made by lay people about Chiropractic is that “once you start receiving care you must keep going frequently for an extended period of time.”

This, taken without rational understanding, detracts many to seek the beneficial health effects which are to be gained from Chiropractic.

What the Doctor of Chiropractic works with are blockages that develop in the spine as a result of stress and various other trauma. Those blockages, called subluxations, are natural physiological responses to overwhelming invasive forces.

The excessive impact causes some of the 134 spinal joints to tighten and lose their normal movement.

In advanced situations the loss of motion is so severe that it causes complete restriction of movement called ankylosis. This is a progressive process of variable intensity readily observed in the elderly.

As a rule, any tissue in the body will tighten in response to trauma.

If you get punched in the shoulder, the next day you have a tight shoulder. If you go home and find your husband or wife has left you suddenly, your stomach will knot up. In the same way, the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine contract when subjected to overpowering stresses.

The purpose of spinal adjustments is to correct the blockages by restoring the normalcy of movement in the articulations of the spine.

This is a corrective process achieved by creating a repeated demand for movement and elasticity in the specific areas where the blockage has occurred.

No more than a weight lifter can develop strength, bulk, and definition by lifting once a week, can correction be achieved in the spine by few adjustments.

It is the regularity of stretches every other day that allows the gymnast or dancer to effectuate a full split.

The body responds to what we demand from it according to the law of demand and supply.

It is the constant pull of braces upon our dentition that achieves the desired result after few years. Wearing braces for a few weeks or months undoubtedly induces changes but is not sufficient to correct the distortion.

Here lies the rational behind the frequency of visits during the original phase of care. The duration of that phase is directly dependent upon the condition of each individual spine, their age, overall physical condition and history of trauma past and present.

Since the spine is the most battered organ in the human body and since more people are incapacitated by a spinal problem at any give time than by any other ailment, it is only logical to take care of our back bone and have it checked regularly.

After all the spine is not only the back bone of the human body but it is also its life line.
As most of the world has witnessed, when Christopher Reeves broke is neck, a compressed spinal cord leads to paralysis of tissues, cells, organs and muscles. Subluxations of the spine cause much milder compressions, but none the less, they cause disruptions in the transmission of information, messages and life force flow between brain and body.
With repetition, over time, the subluxations are corrected by regular spinal adjustments.

Pills That Don’t Work

A great book entitled “Pills That Don’t Work” lists over 120 ineffective drugs that have been on the market for at least 20 years.

The drugs detailed in the book were deemed to be ineffective 12 years ago by a panel of experts from all over the country.

To date the FDA has not removed these drugs from the market. How dangerous are ineffective drugs?
Dr. Wolfe says, “People don’t realize that pills can do as much damage as surgical operations. Surgery is always thought of as a more explicit kind of violence in terms of its ability to damage people.
The adverse reactions to a lot of drugs are just as serious.”

Dr. Wolfe estimates that 170 million prescriptions a year are for drugs that lack evidence of effectiveness. And the over-the-counter drug area is even worse.

Some of the drugs he reports, “actually prolong the healing process.”

In light of these findings, it behooves us all not only to carefully scrutinize the drugs that we may be taking, and also to seek alternative methods of achieving health.

Chiropractic is such a method.

The aim of Chiropractic is the proper functioning of all the organs and parts of the body. Yet, rather than depending on drugs to mask symptoms, Chiropractic enables the body to maximize its own curative abilities.

This is achieved by eliminating blockages to the spinal cord and nerves, called subluxations, thereby allowing the nervous system to carry out the functions that it was designed for.
It is a safe, natural health-care program that assists rather than hinders nature. And fortunately, its only ‘side-effect’ is a healthier, happier you.

Subtle Impact

Americans commonly use symptoms as the yardstick or barometer to measure their state of health. As a result they believe that if they have no symptoms they must be healthy. This is not always so.

There are thousands of people who were asymptomatic yesterday; today they will find themselves in a doctor’s office with a degenerative illness, in the hospital with a heart attack or we may even read their names in the obituaries. Obviously these people could not have been healthy 24 hours ago.

Disease is not a sudden event. It is a process that can be broken down into two phases: the asymptomatic, silent phase and the symptomatic, expressive phase. So it is clear that we can have an absence of symptoms and still be very ill and dis-eased.

There is another belief that is just as erroneous.

It is the belief that if we have symptoms we must be sick. Naturally, in some cases the presence of symptoms is a sign of illness. But it is estimated that in 85% of the cases symptoms are a sign of an intelligent biological adaptation to changes in our external or internal environment. Such symptoms are necessary for the body to restore balance. They should be welcomed –not suppressed. Those symptoms are healing, adaptative, cleansing symptoms or messages to change life style.
We frequently view symptoms as abnormal response to what we consider a normal life style when in reality they are normal response to an abnormal life style.

Indeed, interfering with such symptoms can have a long-range detrimental effect on our health. Consider, for example, the symptoms that accompany food poisoning.  The vomiting and diarrhea, if suppressed, would cause the body to absorb rather than reject the toxins and soon one wouldn’t be around to tell about it.

The more we learn about the human body the more we realize that if we have no symptoms we could be healthy- or ill. Conversely, we could have many symptoms and be ill- or healthy.

Shocking? Or just common sense?

It’s time to dumped the “symptom” gauge and take care of our health throughout our lives whether “sick or well.”

That is the philosophy behind ongoing Chiropractic well-being care.

The Chiro Kid

Inherent to Chiropractic is a true positive health care service that can and should be rendered to every human being living in a modern society while in an asymptomatic state, while they feel “well.”

Obviously this service can also be offered to those in pain or afflicted with an illness or a disease, regardless of age or condition.

No one will deny, for example, that good nutrition is a plus for everyone. Whether newborn or elderly, whether in a perfect state of health or ridden with cancer. After all everyone is better off with good nutritious food!

Toothless smiles, in many regions of the globe, are prime examples of the devastating effects caused by lack of preventative dental care.
Whether nutrition, dental care or Chiropractic care, the earlier the care, the greater the benefits.

So, with Chiropractic care, regardless of age or condition, everyone is better off with a spine free of vertebral subluxation and with a nerve system that functions more efficiently.

It is today common knowledge that the vertebral subluxation complex develops in response to trauma. Due to invasive forces, the tissues tighten, muscles become hypertonic or spastic, ligaments contract, articular capsules enter a state of adhesion, and in the advance stages osseous fusion takes place.

In the light of the above mentioned physiological changes, it becomes essential to correct the vertebral subluxation complex at its early onset. This approach minimizes the pathophysiological effects of vertebral subluxations while insuring better neurophysiology.

With this understanding in mind it is logical to see that children are the ones that deserve Chiropractic care first.

After all, most parent witness how many falls, jolts, tumbles, and traumas their child sustains on a daily basis.

How often have we, in our lives, banged our heart, our gallbladder, our stomach, or thyroid? Not so often! Yet the blows to our musculoskeletal system and neurospinal axis have been in the thousands.
Since the integrity of our structure affects the performance and function of our body, and since the neurospinal axis is the channel through which bioelectrical impulses travel between the brain and the body, the spine becomes the functional keyboard of the human organism.

Any parent with this understanding realizes the vital necessity to have their children’s spines checked, and if needed, adjusted on a regular basis.

Any chiropractor dedicated to the vitalistic principle upon which Chiropractic is based makes Chiropractic care available and affordable to all children on a regular basis whether symptoms are present or not.

Just as Dentistry has been successful at educating the public in dental hygiene, in regular dental clean up, and in the early detection of tooth decay, Chiropractic has the awesome responsibility to educate the public as to the positive impact that regular spinal checks ups have on the overall performance of the body.

Children are the primary clientele of chiropractors and for good reasons!

The Dipole of Wellness

It is an established belief of society that sickness and disease are abnormal events that should not exist and could eventually be eradicated.
Because of this utopia we have engaged in an all out war on illness; a war with no end in sight as for every illness that vanishes another one crops up; a war with escalating costs and weaponry always more intrusive and destructive upon the human body.
The verbiage of modern Medicine is quite telling: “attack” the tumor, go on a “seek and destroy mission”, “eradicate” the disease, “zap” the growth, “wipe out” illness and “suppress” symptoms, etc…

The reality is that wellness could not exist without sickness.
Health and disease are the antipodal manifestation of the same phenomena: wellness.
Health and disease form a dipole, the dipole of wellness. Health and disease are the plus and minus of electricity, the high and low pressure of the weather pattern. One cannot exist without the other.
The human body thrives on illness to create health.

Illness is a necessary process for the immune system to grow, develop, and maintain itself at a high level of readiness and efficiency. Out of the chaos of illness emerges new levels of cellular organization; out of the disorder of illness comes new levels of order and creativity. Illness is frequently an island of discomfort in an ocean of wellness.

Once we begin to understand that illness and health form a dynamic equilibrium we begin to realize the importance of proactive wellness care.

We start to understand the value of maintaining high levels of vitality and resistance, while well, so as to have the strength to confront the disturbance of illness.

Sickness and disease are not abnormal, what is abnormal is not to have the power, the energy to bulldoze through a sickness and disease process, adapt and heal from it.

View in this perspective the value of positive constructive life styles combined with true wellness care cannot be underestimated.

Chiropractic wellness care is one amongst a number of wellness disciplines that are part of an emmerging life style growing in today’s society.

The Choice We Do Not Have

Life is a dichotomy of having choices and yet having none!

We can choose to focus on positive energy and outlook. Then all events loose their value of “good or bad” and are just experiences, learning and growth processes.

We can also choose to dwell on negativity and even the most joyful experience can be tarnished by the judgment and evaluation we place on it. So we do have a choice.

Yet when it comes to natural and universal laws, we do not have a choice. Gravity, for example, is a natural earthy law; it is a constant and an essential ingredient to life on this planet. Gravity is a law that affects us regardless of our beliefs or thinking.

When it comes to our body and health, we have choices in regard to how we take care of ourselves. But we have no choice when it comes to the effect of the Laws of Life.

All living beings require life energy, nutrition, rest, water, and air for survival. Requirements vary among individuals but they apply to everyone.

A deep understanding of the laws governing health and directing life is essential for well-being. One may survive days without food, water or rest, minutes without air and only an instant without life energy.

Life energy or Chi, which flows over the nerve system, is the most essential ingredient of life. Chi is what is being release through the adjustment. Inherent to the word Chiropractic is Chi-ropractic.

The mass media and the values of our society encourage people to disregard the natural laws of Life.

Unfortunately since natural and universal laws cannot be broken, it is the individual who is broken!

Inherent to the practice of Chiropractic is the teaching of those laws.

Most Chiropractors give educational programs on an ongoing basis to share the Laws of Life, give knowledge about the human body and health and impart an understanding of the nature of healing. Chiropractis is fundamentally based in knowledge and wisdom.

The spinal adjustment alone is but a small part of the leap in consciousness achieved. Through the knowledge of the Laws of Life lies the real transformation received from Chiropractic care.

For your own benefit participate in the educational programs provided by your Chiropractor. Make it a conscious choice that can transform your life and the lives of your love ones for the better.

The Edge of the Cliff

The essential meaning of the holiday season is the recognition of a power greater than ourselves; the power that creates, that loves, that heals – the God within which is timeless, boundless and omnipotent.

One of the greatest dichotomies of our time is that millions flock to pray to this intangible Intelligence one day of the week but for the rest of the week, especially in the healing process, it appears most people prefer to put their trust in a bottle of medicine.

Even more ironic is the fact that we spend our entire life praying to the Maker but when it’s time to leave this plane of existense and finally meet our Creator, nobody wants to go!

Perhaps the time has come to apply our Sunday beliefs to our everyday lives.

The power that created the body is the power that heals the body. However, to experience this reality we must go to the edge of the cliff and relinquish the fear that prevents us form trusting fully and letting go.

As the French poet Guillaume Apolinaire wrote:

“Come to the edge; no we will fall

Come to the edge; no we will fall

They came to the edge;

He pushed them and they flew!”

Total trust is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

The physiology of trust is a wide departure from the one of fear. The immune response to trust is greatly different than the one from fear. The biochemistry of fear a world apart from the one of trust. As Candice Perth, Ph. stated in her book the “Molecules of Emotions”, every thought, word, emotion, belief and feeling is an actual chemical reaction experienced in every cell of our being.

Fear has its own specific biochemistry readily smelled by dogs and other animals. Trust also has its own biochemical footprint.

Chiropractic works to allow the Innate Intelligence of the human body to do its work without interferences caused by spinal blockages called subluxations.
It is based on trusting the inborn power that created us from one fertilized ovum. Chiropractic seeks to restore trust within and trust without.

It is a natural philosophy of health and life that embraces the natural healing capacity of living beings.

Total trust is at the core of this philosophy. Total trust leads to astonishing outcomes. So, step out of your comfort zone and come to the edge of the cliff to stare down your fears and embrace trust in the magical power that resides within all of us.

The Law of Life

Throughout the course of history many universal Laws have been uncovered: the Law of gravity, the Law of aerodynamics, the Laws of cycles, opposites, and entropy to name a few.

Some 100 years ago the human Law of Life was uncovered by B.J.Palmer, D.C.

This Law states that matter cannot move without energy; that as energy enters matter, matter expands and contracts depending upon which part of the energy wave permeates it.

This is readily observed in all human tissues and functions.

From mastication to swallowing, from breathing to digestion, from bowel movement to urination, from muscular activity to glandular secretion, there is a constant expansion and contraction of tissues.

The law of life also states that life energy flows from above down and inside out.

As long as there is a free flow of life energy, there is a normal rate of expansion/contraction, which leads to free life expression and wellness.

When the life energy flow is altered, the rate of expansion/contraction is also altered. This is commonly referred to as “hypo-“ or “hyper-“ function whether that abnormal function is physical, mental or emotional. (Hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, hypotension, anxiety, depression, etc…)

The common approach is to treat these conditions by attempting to bring “hypo” up or “hyper” down, without ever knowing what the ideal is in that specific individual. This may suppress symptoms but it does not and cannot restore the Law of Life.

The Law of Life is restored by correcting the basic fundamental underlying cause of interference to the flow of life: a nerve system which tone has been altered by vertebral subluxations caused by physical, chemical or emotional overload.

Chiropractic deals with major blockages caused by vertebral subluxations brought on by stressors or invasive forces that the body could not adapt to.

In other word, when forces impact the human body, they are either integrated and adapted to or not. If not, it creates a energetic blockage called subluxation.

Subluxations are disturbances in the neuro-spinal system that have a osseous mechanical component, a meningeal tension/torque component as well as an energetic soft tissue component.

As the nerve system is cleared, physiological functions are normalized and the healing process is facilitated.

Added benefits to a clear nerve system are a brighter perception of reality, deeper inner connection and greater adaptation to the environment. Well-being, the natural normal state of being, has the potential to returns.

The essence of life lies within, waiting to be freed so as to align the individual with the flow of life.

The clearing out of the nerve system is a process that brings the individual into growth, transformation and development from the inside out.

The inherent drive of life is always toward more and greater expression. When life within is freed, our armor melts from the inside out and we are able to express the totality of ourselves.

This is a journey available to everyone willing to go beyond the limitation of his or her established beliefs and conceptions about Chiropractic. There is more to Chiropractic than meets the eyes.

The Power of Life

The resurgence of life today in the flourishing city of Hiroshima is a prime example of the regenerative power of life.

That power- that creates all life- is also responsible for the re-creation of life. That power has no limitations: we’ve all witnessed blades of grass piercing through several feet of concrete, reclaiming abandoned sidewalks, driveways and highways.

This same power runs the universe, controls the movement of the planets and manufactures a whole human being from one cell in nine months. And it does not abandon us when we are born.

This creative power is still at work 24 hours a day, every day of our lives, constantly sparking new life, replacing dead, diseased or damaged cells with new one allowing a constant healthy functioning of tissues and organs.

It heals cuts, repairs wounds, mends bones, makes seers out of diagnosticians and heroes out of surgeons. Even the most agnostic physician surrenders to this power by saying,  “We did all we could- it’s in God’s hands now.”

The creative power of life flows from above down, inside out: from the brain it flows down the spinal cord, through and over nerves to all parts of the body, expressing life from the inside outward,

The sole purpose of a Chiropractic spinal adjustment is to remove interference to this flow of life. Once you have received an adjustment you are already in a more healthy state because more life is manifesting through you.

The reason why people recover from all kinds of conditions through chiropractic care is because the interference to this life flow, to this power has been removed. Once it is unencumbered, restoration and revitalization can then take place from within.

If you have doubts, remember Hiroshima and remember that there are no illnesses that people have not recovered from.

The power of life is the greatest power there is. It is the great mystery within.