A Marvel of Design

Deep within every human being lives the inner wisdom of life evidenced over and over by the beauty, complexity and ingenuity of the design.

At our core lies the most complex and amazing mechanical structure ever invented. The human backbone is a marvel of creation, unmatched in design and function, by anything manmade.

It is often ignored, abused and taken for granted until back pain brings the spine to one’s awareness.

At the top of the spinal column our world is held in precarious balance.

The skull is a balancing acrobat clearly witnessed in action in newborns and in the nodding movements of adults in conversation or reverie.

The skull stands there, in balance, connected to the spine by the Occiput, the only cranial bone through which the delicate and vital spinal cord descends.

The Occiput is characterized by a large hole, called the Foramen Magnum, also referred to as the “Mouth of God”.

The Foramen Magnum which means large hole, allows the brain to become the spinal cord as it enters the tunnel formed by the spinal column.

The upper neck or upper Cervicals:

Named after the Giant of the Greek Mythology who carries the world, the Atlas, or first vertebrae of the neck, supports the skull.

The Atlas allows the skull to move within a wide directional range because of the unique concave shape of its superior articulating surfaces that cups the convex condyles of the Occiput. This peculiar design predisposes the Atlas to be the most frequently misaligned, displaced and subluxated vertebrae in the spine. Afterall all designs are in and of themselves a compromise. Extensive range of movement gives up stability.

Just below the Atlas rest the Axis or second cervical vertebrae. It is the only vertebrae with a tooth like structure called the dent. Like the rudder of a ship the Axis acts as a pivotal point. Depending on its position our neurological processing changes from balanced, to left or right brain dominance, to embracing lovingly the world or to the denial of our true essence. The “military neck” position forces the Axis in a posterior position, leading to a neurological patterning that allows humans to be taught to kill other. A feat that could not be entertained, when the Axis is in extension, during the bliss phase of orgasm or in the surrendered position of extasy in a spiritual experience.

The Occiput-Atlas-Axis Complex is the Center of Life in all vertebrata. It is in that small section of the neck that the Medulla Oblongata or brain stem resides making it the most vital center in the body. According to the Science of Yoga, it is at the Occiput-Atlas-Axis site that Universal Energy enters the body. Neuroscience hold the Reticular Formation, located in the brain stem, as essentially involved in all major functional activities of the nervous system. Locomotor, homeostasis, cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal control centers are located in the Reticular Formation. This makes it the major processing information center of all vegetative functions.

This crucial and vital portion of the upper neck has been the primary focus of experts in the field of Death through execution as well as in the field of Life in Chiropractic through the adjustment.

  • In the field of killing, the French use the guillotine, the English the gallows, the Japanese the sword to terminate life briskly by severing or compressing the spinal cord at the most vital and strategic place.

Martial Artist in Kun Fu Sansui use the bare knuckles of the hand to hit the back of the Occiput, sliding down its slope to land on the posterior projection of the Axis, driving the tooth like projection of the Axis straight into the spinal cord. Death occurs in an instant.

  • In the Field of Life in Chiropractic, the upper cervical adjustment has proved itself to be a powerful restorer of life and physiological function. Upper cervical adjusting brought to world fame B.J. Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic in the 1900s.

Few years ago the world greatest hero, Superman, impersonated by Christopher Reeve, evidenced to humanity at large that the upper cervical region is vital and critical to life and bodily functions.

A slight intrusion on the spinal cord is enough to interfere with organic functions and performances confining Superman to a wheel chair with respirator and feeding tube. In time, life could not be sustained and Christopher Reeve transitioned.

As tragic as Christopher Reeve’s accident was, it served to remind the World what the father of Medicine stated Centuries ago: “In the care of human ailments and health, first look to the spine”.

All EMTs and Paramedics are taught to take extreme precaution in stabilizing the Cervical spine when spinal injuries are suspected.

The neck or Cervicals:

Traveling further down the neck, in addition to the Atlas and Axis, the remaining five cervical vertebrae ensure the amazing neck mobility we enjoy.

C3, C4, C5 are referred to as the respiratory centers vertebrae in the EMT course, an area of the C-spine frequently damaged in motor vehicle accidents.

The neck is the channel between head and heart, the longest “shortest” distance most of us have to travel!

Many neck problems, not directly cause by a physical trauma, actually arise from feeling emotions, yet not being able to express them, or, from thinking feelings and not being able to feel them.

The seven cervical vertebrae correspond to the seven steps to knowledge as we transcend the intellect of the brain to experience the intelligence of the heart.


The dorsal spine is made of twelve vertebrae connected to the rib cage or treasure chest of emotions. This is where so much of our emotional wounds are written.

Like a map of our lives the back displays the events that marked us most. The twelve dorsal vertebrae correspond to the twelve steps and stages of healing at the core level. The postural shift, witnessed or experienced from depression to the joy of being in love, clearly evidence the relationship between posture and emotional state.

We are energetic being, as our energy changes so does our structure and as our structure changes so does our energy.

Structure and function are interrelated as structure allows function and function needs structure. The functional integrity of the spine affects the quality of the vascular supply to the spinal cord and meninges, in turn affecting the performance of the nerve system.


The lumbar spine is the only part of the spine that has guiding “rails” at the articulations to limit motion. The enormous load carried by the lower back would collapse the spine as we bend from side to side if it were not for this safety mechanism.

Sacrum and Coccyx:

The Sacrum, from the Latin “sacred”, constitutes the foundation of the spine.

The actual support system of the spinal column is also where most support issues are imprinted.

Some lower back problems are actually the result of lack of emotional, financial, familial or social support.

The Sacrum is considered sacred by many native cultures, spiritual and mystical tradition. Some cultures do not place the Sacrum on the ground while sitting and simply squat or sit in the traditional lotus position of the Yogis. This allows the gentle rhythmic sacral movement to take place freely, in harmony with the in and out flow of the breath.

The Sacrum acts as a pump to push the cerebral spinal fluid or CSF up and down the spinal cord.

Normal flow of CSF is essential for proper nervous system function. Sacrum malfunction can be the cause of severe disorders as proven clinically by Chiropractors and Cranio-Sacral Therapists.

It is in this sacred place that lies dormant the Kundalini energy which, when awaken, may leads to enlightenment.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most ancient and profound spiritual texts, the human spine is the altar and the battle filed of the spiritual warrior.

According to Yogananda in his book titled Autobiography of a Yogi, half a minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord is equal to one year of spiritual unfoldment

The Pelvis is the site of human creation where the sperm and ovum meet in the fallopian tubes of the women’s uterus.

Sexual issues, wounds and violations are inscripted in the Pelvis and Sacrum.

Most Chiropractic techniques place great emphasis and attention on the Sacrum, its normal positioning and function.

Ironically, unbeknown to most parents and doctors, the Sacrum is quite frequently traumatized by falls in babyhood during the early walking stages. Later on, in childhood and throughout life, insults to the pelvis and Sacrum are common through various sports from snowboarding to football, hockey, ice skating and gymnastic amongst other.

Prolong sitting, getting in and out of cars, lifting babies out of their baby seats or carrying luggage one sided are common causes of Sacrum subluxations.

At the very bottom of the spine, the Coccyx, formed by four fused vertebrae, talks to us loudly when we land on it in the classic joke of pulling a chair away from someone who is about to sit.

The Coccyx being the site of attachments of small ligaments that connect to the meninges may have marked impact on the functioning of the nervous system when subluxated.

What is Essential to Life is Invisible to the Eye

Humankind has been studying man, dead and alive, for 5000 years. it has compiled, card indexed, recorded and stored this mass of information in billions of books, in thousands of libraries and in millions of silicon chips in thousands of computers. It has passed all his knowledge about the human body to millions of brains, small and great.

If we were to place all the scientists in the world in the most sophisticated, technologically advanced laboratory with unlimited funds, they could not make one tissue cell!
Yet, within every woman, be she black or white, yellow or red, savage or civilized ignorant or educated, is a biological inner intelligence that can and does make a whole human being in 280 days!
Not only does it make it, but it also causes it to live, grow, adapt, heal, mend and repair. This biological intelligence is an intangible that cannot be seen, measured, analyzed or bottled. It is as intangible as the educated intelligence of any one person.
It is not because it cannot be seen that it does not exist. It is invisible yet essential to life. It is the only difference between a living, breathing, talking human being and a corpse.

This biological intelligence utilizes the nervous system as a communication system to link the bio-computer – the brain/spinal cord system- to the printer of life – the human body – with all of its systems, organs, parts and tissues.

The spine is the organ that houses and protects the delicate spinal cord.

A well tuned spine automatically means a nervous system functioning more efficiently and more accurately. The immediate positive effect is a body that expresses better health, a body that performs better on all levels under the organizing coordinating control of the biological intelligence within.

Chiropractic uniquely specializes in the regular tuning of the spine so as to counteract the effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress that modern life places on our body.

Considering that the skeletal system is the most battered system in the body, shouldn’t it be the system people give the most attention to?
So, remember, what is essential to life and health is invisible to the eye.

Take care of your spine, get adjusted regularly and enjoy better health and wellbeing.

How Am I Doing?

This is one of the most common and most difficult questions to answer to anyone who has started chiropractic care.

This inquiry comes from a good place; from a place of concern and interest about our health and the progress we are making.

The answer is undoubtedly: “you are doing better!” But in which context and in reference to what are we doing better? As soon as an adjustment is given and a subluxation is corrected, there is an improvement in the physiology of the nervous system and stress reduction on that system.

This in turn causes the entire human body to perform as intended by nature, to have a normal immune response and to heal at its natural speed. Does this mean there are tangible changes in the symptomatic picture or in the way we feel? Most of the time yes, but not always.

One person may have been unsuccessful at fighting a bacterial infection and as a result of adjustments may experience vomiting and diarrhea. This is the body’s way to flush unwanted bacteria out of the digestive tract. Another person may develop a very high fever in order to combat a viral infection, while yet another one is experiencing pins and needles as life returns to an area previously deprived of proper nerve supply. Those people certainly feel awful, yet they are getting better!

In other instances immediate relief may be gained, after one adjustment, from the excruciating pain caused by a disc injury or a hip problem. Tennis elbow may vanish in one visit from a cervical adjustment.

Years of debilitating headaches may disappear in a few visits as neck adjustments causes the body to regain normal vascular control over the blood flow to the brain. Those people feel better and are doing better, yet a lot more is to be gained!

In some situations no discernible changes can be felt at all. Nevertheless positive biological processes are taking place inside by the sole fact that nerve transmission has been improved.

For example, young children and people, who have started care without symptoms because it makes sense to maintain the integrity of the spine, will experience little to no noticeable effects. They may not get sick as often, recover faster from injuries or be more energetic than before but those are difficult associations to make.

So in response to the question; “Am I doing better?” the answer is by logic: “Yes!” Because regardless of the way we feel, the condition we may have or the years we have accumulated, the human body is always better off with a good nerve supply than with one obstructed by vertebral subluxations.

I Can’t, My Back Hurts

There is some astonishing information regarding “your aching back.”

Seventy-five million Americans have back problems. Eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain sometime during their life. Each year, seven million new victims will be afflicted by debilitating back pains; consequently, the U.S. will lose 93 million work days amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Back problems are “mankind’s oldest, most stubborn agony.” It as commanded the attention of doctors, scientists and researchers for hundreds of years.

Despite all the research and inquiry into the functioning of the spine, little is known today. This lack of understanding is so wide spread that few people recognize the importance of the spine to their health. Most people never consider their spine until plagued by pain.

The spine is a marvel of biological engineering. The major purpose of this complex system is to house and protect the delicate nerve network. The spinal cord and nerves connect to the brain centers that control, via nerve impulses, the functions of all the organs and parts of the body.

The functional integrity of the nerve system is dependant upon the structural and functional integrity of the spine.

Any slight malfunction of vertebrae called subluxation can impair this intricate relationship. That is why proper functioning of the spine is the major key to proper functioning of all the body’s systems.

Almost anything can disrupt the spine: from the reflexive response of sneezing, coughing or laughing to wearing high heels, physical force and mechanized specialization of jobs. Repeated motion, excessive weight bearing, improper lifting, contact sports and accumulated stress are all potential causes of spinal malfunctions or subluxations.

Dis-function of the spine can cause anything from asthma to kidney malfunction, migraine, bone disorders, back pain, etc. Chiropractors have long promoted regular spinal checkups in order to maintain proper attunement of the spine, the health “Key Board” of the body.

It’s Behind You

The spine, also called the backbone, is what is behind us. It is the infrastructure of the human body.

The spinal column supports the head and the shoulder girdle to which the upper limbs are attach. The rib cage, connected to the spine, encases the internal organs which are also, directly or indirectly, attached to the vertebral column by means of suspensory ligaments.

The very base of the spine is wedged between the hips to which the lower extremities are bolted.

The spine also houses and protects the delicate spinal cord and the sensitive nerve roots. So it is truly the most essential and vital core of the human organism, yet because it is behind us we give it little attention.

But what is behind – the back porch of a house, the rear of a building or shop – is where we dump everything we do no want the world to see.

Most of us do just that with our body; we present our ‘front’ for the world to see but all the stress – negativity and things we dislike about ourselves – we store and hide behind our backs as tension or stored energy.

The past is also behind us. The back is the map of our past; it is the place where all past experiences we could not integrate at the time are stored. In our spine and back are imprinted our fears, excessive responsibilities, lack of support, be it financial, emotional or social. It is where “the way we live life” is reflected: either in the flow and alignment with the river of life or holding back with resistance or pushing to hard as in type A personality.

This accounts for the great physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits gained by having the neuroskeleton tuned via a Chiropractic adjustment.

In health and in sickness it makes a world of difference. In the quality of our lives it makes a world of difference.

Jogging for Health

In recent years there has been a growing trend and awareness towards health.

It seems that this resurgence has brought a multitude of ideas concerning health, and also a great deal of confusion.

One of the concepts prevalent among young people is that as long as they exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, they are going to grow healthy and remain healthy.

Yet recent studies show that athletes have the same incidence of chronic and degenerative disease as non-athletes even though their lifestyle seems healthier due to good nutrition, regular exercise and non-abuse of their bodies by indulging in alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

In the sprint of 1980 the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia issued a report stating that joggers and runners have a greater incidence of allergic and degenerative disease than other athletes. This points out that although exercise is a necessary ingredient of the health equation, it is certainly not the key factor.
The key factor in health is function.

As long as the body functions properly we are in a state of health, able to benefit fully from our daily exercise and good nutrition. However, we can eat the best organic food available and exercise daily, if your body is malfunctioning we will not necessarily be healthy. We are not what we eat as the saying goes, we are what we digest and absorb, which is the result of proper function of our G.I. track controlled by the brain via the nerve system.

It is interesting to observe the correlation between jogging and running with the action that these sports have on the spine:

a constant pounding of the vertebrae increasing the effect that small displacements called subluxations have on the nerve system, leading to an early appearance of symptoms. No wonder football pros have the shortest life expectancy among athletes; their spines take such a beating causing more severe nerve damage and subluxations leading to a quicker deterioration of life and health in their bodies.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that good nutrition, daily exercise, proper rest and respect of the body are necessary ingredients to achieve and maintain health, but above all the key factor is function. The nerve system controls function. The spine protects the nerve system. Regular Chiropractic check-up and adjustment insure a neuro-spinal system free of interference. Then your body functions properly, and expresses health.

Life Force

Life force within is the most unrecognized, least known and misunderstood force on earth. Yet, with love, it is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

For thousands of year traditional healing methods, mystical and spiritual disciplines have talked about the importance of life force. The sacred text of the Bhagavad Gita refers to it as prana or intelligent life force flowing up and down the spinal cord.

Acupuncture calls it the chi that flows through the nerve system and the meridians. It is the very essence of chi that Tai Chi and Qi Gong seek to free through movement as live is motion and motion is live. Rigor mortis is the motionless condition of death.

It is frequently assumed that the master controller of the human body, human works and human expression is the nerve system and the genetic make up. Yet is this true? Not really. To believe that the  brain, nerve system and genetic make up run the human organism is a mechanistic scientifically unsound and unfounded view of life.

A corpse has a nerve system and genetic make up yet it is dead.

It is the life force cursing through the nerve system that activates the genetic make up and cause the human body to express life.

Life force is the essential ingredient of life, it is the sole difference between a living breathing, talking, walking human being and a corpse. It is the sole difference between life and death.

During World War II, the French Resistance operatives carried with them a ring loaded with cyanide tablets.

If caught by the German Gestapo, they could bite it and die quickly. They knew that very few could remain silent under torture. Within seconds the cyanide would interfere with metabolic chemical pathways and cause death.

The difference between life and death is not physical for, at the moment of death, all of the systems, organs and cells are still present; yet the intangible, invisible vital essence is gone.

The corpse of the dead freedom fighter weights the same, looks the same, still has warm blood in it’s veins yet it cannot exhibit the signs of life: adaptation, assimilation, reproduction, elimination and respiration.

Life force that carries the mental impulse from brain to tissue cell and back from tissue cell to brain has left the body.

It is Life force that carries the vital information to control all body function and processes.

Life Force is the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind, flows from the brain to stir cells into life. It is indeed the essential ingredient of life.

A puppet may have strings to move and articulate it’s part yet it needs the puppeteer to pull the strings to bring it to life across the stage.

In human beings, Universal Energy is transformed by the brain into forun or quantity of life force that flows over, through and into the nerve system.

A forun is to life energy what a watt is to electricity.

It is this electrical activity that an electroencephalogram detects. As we all know, the ultimate sign of death is cessation of all electrical activities in the brain.

It is this vitality within us that inspires, motivates, coordinates, heals and repairs us. This life force is the chi of chi-ropractic. It is the vital energy that flows through the nerve system. It is upon this inner vital force that health, healing and wellness depends.

A scratch on a newborn’s face will heal in hours yet the same scratch on an elderly skin may take weeks to heal. All because of the gradient difference in vitality.

When we eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it is the life force that carries the messages from the brain to the stomach telling it what digestive enzymes to release and for how long. It is the life force that induces the peristaltic movement by causing smooth muscles to contract.

The chiropractic adjustment released the imprisoned life force allowing the body to have the potential to heal, repair and recover as well as keeping it in a state of wellness.

Until and unless humanity awaken to this fundamental truth and seek to trust, honor, respect and free the vital essence within, needless suffering will keep plaguing human beings.

What is essential to life is invisible to the eye. Yet it is the invisible that sustains us: love, spirituality, life force… Life force is the spiritual force within. It is life energy that is light that is spirit.

Nutrition for Our Brain

The only difference between living, walking, talking Homo sapiens and corpses is the presence of Life energy.

Are we sick because we have cancer or do we develop cancer because we were sick in the first place?

Every second of our lives 100,000 chemical reactions take place in our brain. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

When fever rises to 103 degrees and above, our body manufactures Interferon the most potent anti-cancer chemical we know of today.

Maybe aspirin and any other drug that reduces fever is not such a good idea!

The human brain generates 25 watts of life energy in a constant manner. This bioenergy flows over through nerves to every tissue cell in the body. It is detected by the electroencephalogram or EEG.

Health and disease are the antipodal manifestation of wellness. Health is a message to act. Disease is a message to change.

Biological healing is cellular replacement. Skin cells live seven days. Heart cells ninety days. Red blood cells one hundred and twenty days. Bone cells thirty-six months. Spinal disc cells 9 months. Every tissue and organ heals at a different speed. Healing is a process that takes time!

We pray to the Maker but when it is time to have an appointment with God nobody wants to go. Put yourself in His/Her shoes….That’s a hell of a rejection. Death is not the problem. Not being fully alive while living may be the problem!

Once we stop fearing death, we can start living. Death is birth in reverse. Was it so bad?

Health is a lot more than the absence or presence of symptoms. Health is about maximum function of all our parts, tissues, organs and system. Proper function is controlled by mental impulse generated by the brain and flowing over the spinal cord and nerves.

Spinal adjustments add life to years and years of life.

Symptoms are physical ‘emotions’. They should be expressed rather than suppressed. The more we bottle them up by suppressing them, the sooner we will be ready to blow up!

Touch is the language of love.

All chiropractic wants to do is help you get well and stay well.

We need the same trust you have placed in medication and medicine. Give chiropractic as much of a chance and as much time. See ‘miracles’ take place because when life is free to express itself it performs the miracle of our very existense.

Out of the Dark Ages

The recent controversy surrounding the dangers of the DPT vaccine is marking the beginning of a new era and hopefully our way out of the dark ages.

Most readers will remember the swine flu vaccine fiasco; other will remember the Salk-Sabin dilemma.

Research shows that the incidence of infectious diseases rose and fell entirely outside medical intervention and vaccination programs.

It is the natural cycle of the disease and our inborn immune response combined with improved hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and housing that caused those diseases to dwindle and vanish.

But vaccination programs are a part of a multi-billion dollar industry propagated by the pharmaceutical companies and supported by organized medicine.

Tuberculosis, for example, peaked in 1912 and by 1920, when Koch first isolated the bacillus present in tuberculosis, the disease was already on the decline. By the time the first sanitarium was established, tuberculosis incidence was so low that it had lost all social interest.

It is amazing that because a fraction of the population contracts an illness due to their low body resistance and abnormal functioning, we decide to vaccinate the entire population.

It is a known fact that vaccination causes more problems, complications and deaths than the natural occurrence of the disease.
According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA the death toll for measle between 2004 and 2015 was zero. However the death toll from the measle vaccine between the same period was 108 according to The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For over 80 years the chiropractic profession has taken a firm stand against vaccinations because chiropractic is concerned with body ecology and vaccination is one of the greatest threat to body ecology.

We must stop polluting the human body with foreign substances injected into the body by a completely abnormal and unnatural portal of entry.

We must continue promoting wellness and a high body resistance via a healthier lifestyle, stress management and regular spinal adjustments.

Vaccination programs will more likely be looked at in the next 50 years in the same way we look at bloodlettings, routine tonsillectomy and appendectomy, indiscriminate use of antibiotics and many defunct medical procedures today! Indeed we may be on our way out of the dark ages.