Armor All

We are in a society that is awakening to the unlimited potential for wellness and a happy life.

We are beginning to tap into the inner well of life and into the wealth of knowledge, power and creativity available from within.

For most adults this inner journey to tap and draw from those inner natural resources is a long and tedious one because of the armor we have built around ourselves.

This armor, although invisible, is very real and is made up of a series of “filters” accumulated on our nerve system as a result of various traumas which were overwhelming to our being.

We perceive our world via inputs received by our nerve system such as sound, light, smell, taste, touch and feelings. We respond and adapt to the world by releasing outputs created by our nerve system.

Any filters placed on our nerve system strongly distort our view of reality.

This distortion causes us to live in the past, in the future, in fear, defensively, in apprehension or in any other possible twisted mode of operation.

For most of us, living and experiencing our world in the absolute “now” is an unknown. Yet this is how we came into this world as babies, with a nerve system cleared of any filter: no hang ups, no beliefs, no judgments, no pre-conceived ideas, just a clean slate to receive all things as they are and to live in the “now”. To live in the “now” is truly divine. It is to be in touch with God.

Through the process of spinal adjustments and through touch, which is the language of love, a “clearing out” of the nerve system is possible, leading to this experience of the world as “little children.”

The thinner the armor the quicker the process. The result is not only a greater expression of life, but also healing, transformation and growth from the inside out.

Meningeal, soft tissue and structural adjustments release the memories of past traumas stored within, tumbles stored potential energy for integration and free life force within the body.

The experience that ensue is a deeper connection with our inner self, calmness and centeredness and an attunement to the present moment.

Chiropractic aligns the spiritual with the physical thus allowing for the totality of our expression. It reconnects us with ourselves and restores harmony and unity.

Does Humanity and the World Need Another Therapy?

There are thousands of therapies within the allopathic medical arena.

Thousands more exist within the alternative holistic field with new ones emerging constantly.

For centuries humanity has been seeking ways to treat ailments, sickness and disease, devising countless new treatments, therapies, and approaches, disregarding old ones only to readopt them at a latter date.  The cycle of therapies seems unending, as cyclical as designer fashion.

Therapies are hardly in shortage! On a nearly weekly basis new therapies emerge.

They are the new shining rising stars, promising cure for all kinds of ailments.

In time, they become falling stars, forgotten from the public mind.

Would one more therapy, one more treatment, one more approach, no matter how natural, really makes a difference?

It is questionable and doubtful.

What humanity needs is a brand new principle, an innovative, fresh and creative approach to life.

What the people of the earth need is a complete and total departure from the therapeutic model of life.

What we need is an avenue that changes human consciousness in relationship to life, health, healing, wellness and wellbeing.

What is needed is a new philosophy for living.

Chiropractic cannot compete, will not thrive and is sure to disappear if used and promoted solely as a natural “therapy”. Chiropractic is doomed if utilized only as a natural mean to get sick people well or a “treatment” for back pain and neuromuscular problems.

Chiropractic has gone through the growing pains of its infancy.

First claiming to be a cure for deafness, then stating that it gets sick people well, and moving on, declaring to keep people healthy.  All of those claims are partly true and partly lies and deception.

The recent rash of tragedies among some of the most vocal and prominent leaders of our profession is but a shocking reminder that indeed there is a lot to reconsider.

Most of them have been stricken in one form or another by some pathology.  B.J. Palmer himself was brought down by cancer of the spine. Yet we look at these phenomenon and conjure ways to rationalize them in order to keep ourselves in the game, in practice and in our illusions.

When are we going to really look honestly at what we say, promote and believe?

When are we going to wake up from our own delusion and rise to truly dispense the principles inherent to Chiropractic?

When are we going to take Chiropractic out of its infancy and into adolescence and maturity?

We have a pristine philosophy of life that the world is starving for.  We have a philosophy for living that alters, in a dramatic fashion, the way that people relate to themselves.

It transforms their relationship to life, to their health, the healing process, wellness and wellbeing.

It leads many to birth, feed and raise their children in a totally different way.

It causes them to approach death in a brand new light. It inspires them to take the high road and disconnect from the program followed blindly by the masses. It brings them out of the ‘herd mentality’. It instills self-responsibility in living.  It merges inner and outer ecology.  It is significant.

The chiropractic philosophy and principles empower individual with the magnificence  and magic of their own being.

It gives them ownership of The Giant within.  Infused with the understanding and knowledge of Chiropractic philosophy the shackles of fear, dependency and ignorance are cut loose.

Could we elevate ourselves above the egotistic behavior of doctors and express what we primarily and really are: teachers of living principles delivering adjustments to facilitate the flow of life energy between brain and body.

Could it be possible to turn our offices into “Cafes of Life” serving fine knowledge and wisdom?

Could we turn our Chiropractic assistants into “Divas” at the “Counter of the Cafe of Life” in our waiting rooms.

Could we as Chiropractors become mentors and examples for other to be inspired by?

Could we make our number one priority in practice to be an enzyme, a catalyst, a facilitator to transform consciousness by sharing and teaching our vitalistic principles and philosophy?

Could there be more value in transforming consciousness in a significant and permanent way than in attempting to alleviate an ache or a pain that a drug can do faster and better than we can?

Could we create attraction just by the radiance of our own being? Could we adjust people, unattached to the outcome, just for the sake of releasing life force which is light which is spirit and reconnect them with themselves? I believe and know this is possible.

We all know that everyone regardless of age, or condition is better off with a good nerve supply and a free flow of information between brain and body.

I believe and know it to be what the public is thirsty for.  I believe and know that when we serve at this level, the public eats it like hot cakes.  I have seen it done here and there throughout the country and I have done it myself for 20 years!

Yes, people will come to our offices first and foremost for the philosophy we dispense and secondarily for the adjustment if that’s what is on the menu. It may not be what they think they want yet it is always retrospectively what they really needed.

It is a reality, a viable reality that brings joy, ease and freedom into every moment of our lives.

The reward is so great, it can be overwhelming. The difference made in people’s lives is profound and real. We have touched their lives in a deep and significant way. They become a genuine voice for chiropractic and a bottomless source referrals.

What freedom there is in finally speaking truth!  Wings grow when there is no holding back.  Stress melts when there is nothing to remember or forget.  Guided by inner knowledge and wisdom, words spring forward effortlessly.  Reinforced by real life experiences validation abounds. Conviction, commitment, love and heart become self-evident.

Suddenly work has melted into hobby and play. The “Endless Vacation” has began. Success is unavoidable. The radiance of your own being speaks for itself. Attraction is potent, no need to constantly reach out for a new crop.  They come because they yearned for what we dispense.

This is the breakthrough to extraordinary possibilities needed by the profession and wanted by the public. Indeed the world does not need another therapy.  It needs Chiropractic delivered in its totality: philosophy, science and art.

Can’t Argue With Horses

There is no doubt that a great shift in understanding as to the benefits of regular chiropractic care has taken place nationwide. Today, more than ever before, babies and children, young, healthy people and parents with their entire families are receiving regular chiropractic care as part of their commitment to better health.

Athletes from all fields are improving their performance and breaking their own records as their inner potential is unleashed by means of regular spinal “tune ups”.

Through experience and understanding the public is using chiropractic for what it is primarily designed for – health enhancement and better life expression.

After all, it would be as foolish to limit chiropractic to the care of backache and neck pain as it would be to limit the use of our head as strictly a place to hang you hat!

An interesting sideline: the use of chiropractic is not limited to people.
Countless owners of racehorses whose main objective is to win, request spinal check up for their protégé prior to each race.
Chiropractic at the racetrack is quickly becoming the hottest thing going because better performance is the result.
My longtime friend, Jay Komarek, D.C. is possibly the leading ‘horse whisperer authority’ on equine chiropractic. To watch him adjust horses is truly a facinating experience. His heart and mind connection to the horses is the key he uses to have these horses totally surrender to his touch. Horses owners throughout the USA and many parts of the world are paying a hefty fee, without a seconfd thought, to have their horses adjusted.
Why? Because they witness the amazing changes and improvements in performance, gait, balance and overall health of their horses.
No one can argue with results or horses.


Fall is here and all of nature is changing and adapting. Animal’s fur is becoming thicker. Grass and leaves are turning. Temperature is dropping and daylight hours are dwindling. Birds are migrating and animals are preparing for hibernation.

As inhabitants of the earth we undergo similar transformation during this changes of season. We shed the mucous lining of our upper respiratory system through the process of “menstruation” of our sinuses. (We call it a cold.)

We begin to slow down and require more sleep (We call it fatigue.) We instinctively change our food intake and the type of food we eat if we are in touch with our internal needs.

Our entire body contracts and our skin becomes slightly drier. Our creative abilities slow down as we prepare to replenish and nurture ourselves.

Understanding the nature of these changes is important in a society that regards any fluctuation or deviation from the “norm” as a sickness.

Viewing those transformations as abnormal leads millions to run to doctors and pollute their bodies with prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in an attempt to silence our body natural expression and adaptation.

The best way to go through those adaptive changes is to allow the organism to function at peak efficiency by clearing the channels through which mental impulses travel from brain to body. The healthier we are, the easier “symptoms” of adaptation pass through our body.

This is accomplished by clearing out the nervous system with Chiropractic care.

Even leaves know how to change, maybe it is time we accept our changes gracefully while listening to our body and accepting the normal changes of life.

Come Grow With Us

In matter of health, we hear a lot about recovery: “I have to recover from the flu,”

“I have recovered from surgery,” ”Is there any hope of me recovering from AIDS?”

Yet, is recovery really what is needed and really what we want at a deeper level?

Since the Innate drive of all living organism is towards growth and evolution, could it be that discovery is actually what we’re after? Do we actually want to “recover” or cover again as the word implies?

Isn’t that what most of us we’ve been doing all along; covering up whatever symptom, ache or pain we have with whatever treatment seems to work?

Could it be that the very situation we find ourselves in is the direct result of years of “covering” symptoms and “recovering” from symptoms?

Nearly all of our symptoms are like “physical emotions,” and must be allowed to express freely. We know what happens when we suppress our emotions and bottle them up; eventually we reach the boiling point and explode!

It’s not any different with symptoms – they too must be allowed to be expressed.

Most symptoms are either adaptative symptoms to changes in our environment, healing symptoms, cleansing symptoms or messages from our body to change our abusive way of life.

In some instances symptoms are pathological symptoms: a “path of logic” the body takes to deal with a long standing physiological dysfunction that has turned into a path-o-logy.

Growth and transformation is an avenue that can take us out of the repeated cycle of suppression. This can happen by freeing the organism from established patterns of behavior that are locked within the cellular memory of our body. These dominant patterns are caused by overwhelming physical, emotional or chemical traumas, which we could not adapt to at the time.

The Chiropractic adjustment is designed to release these deep-seated patterns thus allowing the body to evolve into new levels of growth. Most of the time the outcome is freedom from the vicious cycle of covering and recovering.

Come grow with us!

The Transformative Power of Vitalistic Philosophy

If it were not for the powerful transformation that I experienced in every aspect of my life as a result of my exposure to Chiropractic and the philosophy of life it embodies, I would not be writing these words.

Chiropractic changed my connection to my body and the way that I honor, respect and care for it.  It gave me the drive and incentive to treat it like the temple that it is.  Our body is a “give away” from life, a gift we received at conception.  We have a duty to take care of it with utmost love, care and attention.

Being well, healthy and fit is a moral, social and spiritual responsibility we must uphold throughout life.  In today’s world it has become an economic imperative.  Sickness and disease and the so-called “health care” system, are bankrupting individuals, families and the country at large while making people sicker.  The need for an emerging wellbeing care system is the only feasible solution.

Chiropractic philosophy gave me a new understanding of health and the true meaning of being healthy.  We are all accountable for our choices, actions and solely responsible for our health and wellbeing.  No one can do it for us; we must do it for ourselves.

Health is not something that we can gain from drugs, medications, injections or surgeries.  As much as those avenues may sometimes be necessary, they do not provide health.

Health comes first and foremost from within.  It is our God given birthright.

Our being is run by an Inborn Intelligence, that has been running human beings for thousands and thousands of years.

Health comes from abiding and respecting the laws that govern all life.  Health comes from a wellness lifestyle, from engaging and investing in proactive, life enhancing care and services.

This philosophy of life changed my relationship to symptoms, moving from fearing them, to trusting them.  I discovered their purpose, wisdom and message.

Symptoms are part of the inner language of the body.  They are designed to guide us.

They can be healing, cleansing, adaptive or messages to change our life style.  We frequently view symptoms as an abnormal response to a normal lifestyle, when they are mainly a normal response to an abnormal lifestyle.  Of course they can also be signs of pathology; signs that something is not functioning right.  In such instances symptoms are still following a path of logic as the wisdom and intelligence within is making every attempt to prolong life and ensure the survival of the most vital organs.

The presence or absence of symptoms is not a valuable gauge to determine our state of health or wellbeing.  We can have no outward symptoms and be severely diseased internally.  We can also have symptoms and actually be functioning perfectly; we are just responding and adapting to life.

Symptoms are only resourceful in determining our state of illness or injury.  This shift in understanding is paramount in motivating people to take care of themselves, to do something positive for their being and body on a regular basis, whether symptoms are present or not; whether they are feeling wonderful or not.

Through chiropractic philsophy I acquired a different perspective on illnesses and diseases.  I started seeing them not as abnormalities, but as opportunities for growth and transformation.  I also recognized that in many instances, they might be necessary evils to challenge our bodies to new levels of health.  I no longer seek to move away from symptoms or sickness but rather toward healing and wellbeing.

Whenever I fall ill, I embrace it with all my being, detach myself from it and become a passive observer of my own physiology, witnessing my bodily processes as my body heals.

As a result, I no longer ‘mind’ the discomfort, but learn about the magic of the inner workings of my body.  I gained respect and reverence for the Inborn Intelligence that permeates my entire being.

I was enlightened as to the true nature of the healing process.  Healing has little or nothing to do with suppressing symptoms or not feeling them by numbing ourselves.  Healing is a process of cellular replacement.  Sick or damaged cells never heal.  They must pass away, die and be replaced by new ones.

This process is intangible to our senses; we cannot feel it from moment to moment, yet it is happening.  Healing is the creation of new cells and tissues; just like growing hair or nails.

It is only in retrospect that we can perceive that healing has taken place.  Healing is not linear, but convoluted.  It is subject to the effects of many cycles (within and without) that influence our physiology.

Consequently, we may feel better one day and worse the next, yet the overall trend is upward.  Strangely enough symptoms are the last to come and the first to go, because healing persists long past their disappearance.  Healing is truly the creation and recreation of cells, tissues and organs.  Creation comes from Spirit.  Spirit is life, which is light in the body.  The greater the vitality, the faster healing takes place.  Watching a scratch heal in a newborn versus an elderly person makes evident this time difference and the importance of vitality.  Vitality is a function of life force flow throughout the body.

I realized through this vitalistic philosophy that outer ecology starts with inner ecology and a deep respect for one’s own biological integrity.   The sanctity of the human being, chemistry, blood and body must be guarded, if at all possible. Seeking life enhancing care and services protects our internal environment.

To the degree that we respect ourselves is the degree that we respect the environment and all life.

Soon, the media became a distant voice, replaced by the inner voice of my soul and heart as I unplugged from the “weapon of mass persuasion”.  I disconnected from television, newspapers, magazines and media in general in the early 80’s.
The content of the news in general has not changed a bit since early civilization: crime, war, rape, murder, corruption, fire, human drama and natural disaster.  I do not feel the need to feed my consciousness with such inputs at six and ten o’clock, only to read about it again, in black and white, by the morning and then again, in color, a week later in a magazine.  If I should know about it, I am sure someone will tell me.  In the mean time I cherish my quiet mind, serenity and peace by not contributing to, or joining in, the mass hysteria.  There is an inner signal that broadcasts laws, guidance, creativity and wisdom.  I find it soothing and more entertaining than the degrading, debasing outer media.

My connection to spirituality skyrocketed as I began to live from the inside out.
The understanding that there is an Inborn, Innate Intelligence residing within every human being, permeating every speck of matter, from cells to atoms and subatomic particles, proves to be more real for me than some religious miniature God living within me.  The books of anatomy, physiology, biology and pathology became spiritual texts dispensing the wisdom and intelligence of the universe within.  I connected with a tangible, practical, applicable spirituality that I could revere on a daily basis, not just on Sunday.

My trust in life became unwavering.  I gained a greater awareness of the language of life, the outer messages that we are constantly exposed to, yet are frequently blind and deaf to.  Life speaks within and without when we are connected.  There is a matrix, a blueprint and a purpose for each one of us.

My connection to the life force within engendered a connection to the larger flow of life.  Inner guidance appears to be reinforced by outer messages from life showing up as providence, synchronicity, serendipity and grace.

Without discrediting formal education, I began to favor the teachings of nature and the school of life.  Between the bird and the book, I shall follow the bird.  Nature has a voice; it dispenses laws, knowledge and wisdom.  It is in stillness and silence that we can listen to the voice of nature.

Finally, my comprehension of death and the dying process evolved.  I moved from fear and dread, to witnessing death as a beautiful, natural process.  There is no need to hide death behind closed doors.  It can be a conscious, peaceful process, better suited for the privacy of a home or a hospice when possible.  It can be natural, rather than postponed at all cost, though artificial means, in a frequently degrading manner to the dying person.

Chiropractic philosophy has been a huge gift to my life.  It has created a lasting shift and transformation.  I have gained peace and solace amidst a confused and chaotic collective mind and world.  It is my hope to tease your curiosity.  It is my heart’s desire that you will seek and discover the world of possibilities that can open for you by dwelling in the natural principles and vitalistic philosophy of Chiropractic as well as into the service it has to offer.

Adam Must Have Had a Cold

Fall is here, and the cold season is rapidly approaching. Nearly everyone at one point or another will have a cold.

In one year alone, Americans spend the equivalent of the national budget of all the Central American countries combined on cold remedies, a whopping $ 6 billion dollars, trying to alleviate or “cure” their colds.

All this in vain at the expense of the liver, kidneys and over-all body chemistry, not to mention the pocketbook.

In a futile attempt to gain temporary relief, we destroy our long range health. All drugs, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, have side-effects.

Our society still regards a cold as an illness we “catch” from someone who had it before us. Not so!

A cold is a normal, natural cleansing process. It is our body’s biological way of adapting to environmental changes that occur in the fall as we move into winter, and then again in the spring as summer arrives.

Colds occur at times when all of life outside goes through profound changes. In the fall, trees are shedding their leaves, lawns are turning brown, animal’s furs are becoming thicker, bees are moving underground, the list goes on as all of nature undergoes transformation.

By spring the resurgence of life can be seen everywhere as trees and shrubs buds, grass turns green, flowers spring up, and animals shed their winter coats.

We, as human beings, are part of nature, not apart from it. We are alive and, just like the rest of nature, are going through similar changes. We label this a cold! The symptoms we experience-stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat, running eyes and sometimes fever- are normal processes our body goes through in order to clean the sinuses and upper respiratory tract.

In other words, a cold is the “menstruation” or shedding of the mucus lining of the sinuses and upper respiratory system.

No amount of medication will stop the process. Instead, it will temporarily suppress the symptoms while rendering the body more toxic.

As the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. put it in his book, Confession of a Medical Heretic, “A cold with medication lasts a week. Without it, it last seven days!”

Yet by suppressing the symptoms of a cold we may be paying dearly down the line. Recent studies have uncovered that during a cold, the body activate protein P53, an antimutagen agent instrumental in preventing cancer. Who knows if the increase in cancer rate may be partially due, amongst other causes, to something as simple as society interfering with a normal biological process.

Contrary to popular belief, colds are not caused by viruses. Viruses may be present while we are colding but this does not make them the causative agent.

England’s Common Cold Research Unit established in 1946 in Salisbury has been a pioneering institution in the worldwide study of transmission, treatment and prevention of colds.

Every year 400 volunteers spend weeks at the lavish research facility where they are given nose drops that contain Rhinoviruses. As of 1993, 47 years and 18,800 volunteers latter, only one third of the tested subjects ever get a cold, and that is because the one third who react to the artificial, unnatural swabbing of Rhinoviruses may have a weaken immune system to start with. Viruses do not cause colds, no more than flies bring garbage.

Viruses may be present during a cold but they are not the cause of it.  Virologists estimate that at any given time we may have as many as 3000 viruses in our body. Yet our immune system keep them in check.

Chiropractic care clears the nerve system of interference caused by spinal subluxations. It allows the body to function better, express life more fully, provides greater resistance to sickness and disease and ensures greater immune response.

In this sense, it facilitates the shedding, cleansing process of the cold. The only side effect of the adjustment is improved performance of the body and a greater ability to adapt to changes.

So the next time you have a cold -remember- you did not catch it from someone who had it before you. If you did, that someone would have caught it from someone who had it before them. This would mean that Adam, the first man, must have had a cold to past it on to others down through history.

However, there was nobody before him he could have caught it from! A little common sense beats the common cold theory.

It’s Practical

Chiropractic philosophy is a practical tool to use in daily practice. It is not some kind of conceptual  model that only lives in B. J. Palmer’s Green Books or remains stored in some remote recess of our brain.

From the knowledge and understanding of the existence of a Universal Intelligence stems the realization that every speck of matter, every space, every dimension and inter dimension is impregnated, wrapped and bathed by the Intelligence of the Universe.

We live in a soup of Intelligence.

From electron to quarks, from bones to kidneys, from animals to trees and rocks, Universal Intelligence  is ever present within, without, through and throughout.  This today is a scientific fact widely enunciated by quantum physic, sociology, biology, cosmology, theology, philosophy, poetry and religion.

For chiropractors it has a special meaning because it gives reverence towards the body and all forms of life.  It allows us to trust the physiological process of homeostasis or the biological process of healing which ever is at work.  It gives us a clear deductive understanding of the purpose of various body responses and symptoms. It provides answers that are constant and stable even before scientific facts emerge.

Fever for example is not viewed in chiropractic as a malefic symptom but to the contrary as a purposeful beneficial response to internal changes or challenges.

We understood this philosophically long before science uncovered that fever inhibits bacterial reproduction, kills viruses, destroys cancer cells, stimulates white blood cells activity and motility and enhances biochemical output.  Overall fever is the resolution to an internal disturbance, by no means the cause of a problem.  This is why Chiropractic does advocate to leave physiological fever alone and let it do it’s job.

To Chiropractic, tonsils cannot be vestigeal remnants of millenniums of evolution that can  be cut out at the drop of a hat.  We have been vocal against the systematic removal of tonsil because we understood philosophically that they had to have a purpose long before science came to realize that they are the “fuse box” of the upper respiratory system. Tonsils form a defensive ring called the Ring of Waldeyer composed of the pharyngeal, lingual and palatine tonsils.  They are highly lymphatic organs designed to combat infections at the throat level thus preventing infections to reach the lower respiratory systems and the lungs.

The appendix, from a chiropractic  philosophical  standpoint must also have an intelligent function. Science understands now that it is the “safety valve” of the gastrointestinal  system. Placed strategically out of the way of the flow of food and intestinal content, it is a lymphatic organ, highly vascular designed to draw and combat infections of the digestive track.

Pain has the obvious mission of signaling that something is either wrong, damaged or broken. It is also a guiding mechanism to inform us of the changes needed and if those changes are working.  It is at times a form of internal “meditation” constantly bringing us back to center.  It can also be, when excruciating, a form of mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing mostly unconsciously expressed by: “My God, oh my God it hurts.”  Obviously we all have different threshold to pain and access to painkiller can be a saving grace.  But from a physiological and philosophical perspective it may not be the most beneficial thing to do because it hides the real message.

Vitamin K injection for newborn within minutes of them coming into the world cannot possibly stand chiropractic philosophical scrutiny.

Can it be possible that out of one cell barely visible to the naked eye, the Wisdom of the Universe can manufacture a baby with all of its parts, tissues, organs and system and yet forgot to put in Vitamin K?

Could it be possible that having the inherent knowledge of all of the biological sciences from embryology to dermatology, from cardiology to biochemistry, from nephrology to myology, this Innate Intelligence suddenly became stupid and did not know to manufacture and produce Vitamin K?  Philosophically it makes little sense.

Vaccination is a broad and delicate issue but chiropractically it has no ground to stand on.  We came out of our mothers equipped with all the cells of the immune system. This means that within ourselves exist a built-in knowledge of immunology. An internal know-how far greater than could possibly be accumulated by all of the world’s  research facilities.

Chiropractic has always been opposed philosophically to vaccination because it could not accept that injecting the pus of diseased cows, ulcerated swines and monkeys, bypassing all natural portal of entry and body defenses could possibly be beneficial.  Retrospection taught us that the decline in infectious disease had little to nothing to do with immunization programs and everything to do with improved sanitation, nutrition, housing, hygiene and the natural cycles of microorganisms,.  The recent special report on vaccination in the December 96 issue of Money magazines gives chilling evidence of the link between Polio vaccine, the SV-40 virus and the increased rate of cancer.  There is now strong suspicion that vaccination is a major contributing factor to AIDS/autoimmunedeficiency diseases.

Morning sickness experienced by pregnant women cannot be an aberration of nature that must be suppressed with medication. Philosophically we know that life is smarter than that.

Morning sickness is but a cleansing mechanism design to prevent any toxins from reaching the growing fetus. The nausea and vomiting, typical of that stage of pregnancy, happens to take place during a phase of embryological development where rapid fetal tissue differentiation occurs. A phase during which any interference by toxins could be harmful. Thus, vomiting expels toxicity while nausea prevents the pregnant women from desiring strong tasting foods that may harbor toxic substances.

So the understanding of the philosophical tenets that are the corner stone of Chiropractic provides a directional force, a grounding and centering medium to approach and answer any question pertaining to health and the human body.  It dispenses a constant focus and motivation to educate the public so that they too can come from center to answer their own questions.

When parents ask questions about their babies and children, answering from a philosophical standpoint provide a tremendous advantage because it grounds people in the understanding of principles, laws and premises rather than mere facts. Remember that the facts of yesterday are displaced by the facts of today which will be displaced by the facts of tomorrow. Philosophical principles and laws are immutable truth.

It is wiser to manage our life and practice by principles rather than transient facts or outcome.

The Effects of the Chiropractic Adjustment

Recently there has been a growing attack on chiropractic and children launched by foes of our profession and some misguided practitioners.

The reason and rational as to why children can benefit from chiropractic care is simple:

Life is a process. Health is a process. Disease is a process. Healing is a process and Wellness is a process that encompasses both Health and Disease.

The pathological process of disease can be broken down into two phases.
1- A silent, asymptomatic, dis-ease, vertical phase.
2- An expressive, symptomatic, disease, horizontal phase.
With time the silent phase becomes symptomatic.  So the fact that one does not present symptoms does not in anyway revealed one’s state of health.  In other words one needs not to be sick to get well !

Since chiropractic addresses the neurological interference caused by vertebral subluxation, it is easy to see that anything that gives more freedom to the nervous system must have a positive impact on the capacity of the body to heal, adapt and recover.

Chiropractic does not claim to be a treatment, a cure or a panacea for symptoms, sickness and disease.

What chiropractic states it can do, is to give the human being a greater adaptability, healing and recovery by clearing the nervous system of interferences caused by vertebral subluxations.

Whatever symptomatic alleviation and results follows happen to be positive effects of the adjustments.

Obviously chiropractic would not have grown to become the largest drugless healing profession in the world if people did not get positive improvements.

This is the evidence that clinically the chiropractic adjustment has a positive impact on human physiology.  So why wait until people have become a pathological mess to offer them chiropractic when they can benefit from the onset of life.

Giving a child the opportunity to grow up with greater adaptability and healing power is truly the gift of love and life.

So remember that one need not to be sick to get well.

Here is a series of cases that demonstrates the positive impact of chiropractic on the physiology of children.  Keep in mind that those are few cases taken from a mostly wellness chiropractic office seeing over 140 children per week regularly.  Since most of them were asymptomatic to start with and are remaining well there are only a small pool to draw from that were symptomatic.

Jamie Lee Clark ,  I year old,  D.O.B.: 2/15/93
Medical Diagnosis:  Gastroenterologist diagnosis : Post-viral enteritis, c. difficile enteritis, colitis secondary to antibiotic usage, allergic colitis, gastroesophageal reflux with esophagitis, gastric and/or duodenal ulcer disease, duodenitis secondary to congenital or autoimmune phenomenon, Club feet requiring surgery.
Medication: Amoxicilin, Zantac, Reglan, Tylenol, Ambesol
Chiropractic Results: Off all medication after first visit 8/4/93. Immediate improvement within 24 hours. Complete resolution within 3 weeks of care.  Six month later the child is in radiant health, has had no need for medical care and has been free of medication and over-the-counter drug. Club feet straightened out without surgery within 1 1/2 month of care.
Presenting Subluxation Findings: Occiput/C1 with an Atlas ASRP, Sacrum base posterior.
Original Adjustments: Left occiput ridge meningeal contact for 30 seconds, double notch sacral meningeal contact for 1 minute, structural manual adjustment of Atlas ASRP.  Left Temporoparietal suture adjustment.

John Plantier, age 11, D.O.B.: 3/20/83
Medical Diagnosis:  Chronic asthma.
Medication: Theolair, Alupent
Chiropractic Results: Off asthma medication after first visit 3/11/88.  Child is now a multidiscipline athlete with aspiration to become an Olympic athlete.  Six years later the child is still free of asthma and medication.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Occiput/C1 with an Atlas ASR.
Original Adjustment: Structural manual adjustment of Atlas.

Ryan Stephano, age 15, D.O.B.: 4/21/78
Medical Diagnosis: Epileptic seizures due to birth trauma.
Medication: Antibiotics, Mebaral, Depakene, Klonopin, Phenobarbital, Dilantin.
Chiropractic results: Marked decrease of number and frequency of seizures since onset of care 1/11/89.  Decrease medication intake to one drug with 1/3 the dosage.
Able to recover from flu, cold, respiratory infection without medication or antibiotics and without seizure. Marked improvement in school. 5 years later the child has been seizure for few years on reduced dose of medication.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Occiput/C1 with Atlas ASR, C5/C6 posterior, D4/D5 posterior.
Original Adjustment: Right occiput ridge meningeal contact for 15 second, C5/C6 structural manual adjustment in extension, D5/D6 structural manual adjustment in extension, Atlas structural manual adjustment ASR.

Tim and Patrick Roger, age 9 and 6.
Medical Diagnosis: Chronic ear infections.
Medication: Multiple course of Ceclor antibiotic, Nebulizer.
Chiropractic result: Both children have been free of medication and over-the-counter drugs for the past three years since the onset of care on 1/30/91.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Tim, C2/C3 entire segment right, D12/L1 posterior. Patrick, Occiput/C1 with occiput posterior, Sacrum inferior on the right.
Original Adjustment: Tim, Structural manual adjustment of Axis in right lateral flexion and right rotation, D12/L1 in extension.  Patrick, meningeal contact on right occiput ridge for 20 second, structural manual adjustment of sacrum in side posture, and occiput in extension suppine.

Lea Toigo, age 7 1/2, D.O.B.: 3/28/86
Chiropractic Result: Has been under chiropractic care since birth. Has never had the need to seek medical care. Has never taken a single medication or over-the-counter drug to date.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Atlas ASLA, D3/D4 PI.
Original Adjustment: Structural manual adjustment of D3/D4 in extension prone and Atlas in suppine position.

Selena Schreiber, age 17, D.O.B.: 7/4/77
Physical problem: Headaches, acne and “coca cola bottle” eye glasses for nearsightedness.
Chiropractic result: Within three months of care was symptom free and no longer needed glasses. Results remained consistent for two years until last visit in 92 prior to moving to North Carolina.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Axis posterior, Di/D2 PIR, D12/L1 PI.
Original Adjustment:  Meningeal contact on sacrum double notch, structural manual adjustment of D1/D2 in lateral flexion and extension, D12/L1 in extension and axis in extension suppine with a spinous contact.

Amy Schreiber, age 23, D.O.B. 5/10/71
Physical problem: Anorexia
Chiropractic Result: Complete resolution following the first adjustment.  Follow-up for two years and problem never returned.
Presenting Vertebral subluxation: Occiput/C1 with atlas ASLP, C5/C6 PI.
Original adjustment: Meningeal contact on occiput ridge medially close to the EOP for 60 second, double notch contact on the sacrum for 20 second,  axis spinous contact for 20 second.  Structural manual adjustment of Atlas in extension and rotation, C5/C6 in extension in suppine position.

Storjohann Family, 4 children,  Age 1,2,3,5
Chiropractic result:  All children have been under regular chiropractic care since birth and have not had yet the need for medication or over-the-counter drugs.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Each child was checked soon after birth and then weekly thereafter. Adjustment were only given if and when subluxations were present.  Those children were adjusted in one or two places on an average of 21 days intervals.

Amanda Erickson, age 3, D.O.B.: 1/13/91
Physical problem:  Child has been bent to one side like a croissant since birth.
Chiropractic result:  Within onset of care on 4/17/91 the child body returned to normal and has been in radiant health ever since.  Child is free of over-the-counter drug or medication for the last 3 1/2 years.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: C2/C3 with Axis entire segment right. L5/S1 PIL.
Original Adjustment: Meningeal contact on right occiput ridge for 30 second. Structural manual adjustment of L5/S1 in side posture in lateral flexion and extension and of axis in lateral flexion in suppine position.

Frank and Amylyn Masterson, age  11 and 13, D.O.B.: 9/24/82 and 9/15/80
Chiropractic result:  Since began care on 9/27/89 have not yet had the need for medical care, over-the-counter drug or medication.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Frank, Co/C1 with atlas ASRA, D9/D10 PI.  Amylyn, C5/C6 PI, L5/S1 with sacrum base posterior.
Original Adjustment:  Frank, D9/D10 in extension suppine and Co/C1 in lateral flexion and extension suppine.  Amylyn, L5/S1 in extension prone and C5/C6 in extension suppine.

Tanya and Boo Burnier, age 11 and 9, D.O.B.: 3/8/83 and 9/7/84
Chiropractic result: Have been under regular chiropractic wellness care since the day they arrived in the U.S. on 9/7/84 and have not yet had the need for medical care, medication or over-the-counter drug except in 1994 for Tanya as she contracted Lyme disease.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: Both children were checked and adjusted if needed on a regular basis for the last 9 years.

Frank Hart, age 9, D.O.B.: 9/30/85
Medical diagnosis:  Chronic asthma
Medication: Nasalcron.
Chiropractic result:  Off his medication at onset of care. Clear of symptoms since first adjustment on 12/15/93.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: C0/C1 with atlas ASRP
Original Adjustment:  Atlas in lateral flexion and rotation suppine.

Ed Los, age 4 month, D.O.B.: 1/6/91
Physical condition:  Uncontrolled crying and screaming since birth during all waking hours for months on.
Chiropractic result: Immediate resolution of behavior following the first adjustment on 5/1/91.  To date 2/10/94 the child is a normal healthy baby.
Presenting Vertebral Subluxation: C0/C1 with occiput posterior on the right.
Original Adjustment:  Right occiput ridge meningeal contact for 20 second, double notch meningeal contact on sacrum for 30 second, structural adjustment of occiput in extension and right rotation.

About the author: Arno Burnier D.C. attended Renee Descartes University from 1971 until 1973.  He graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1977.  He is the creator and author of the ABC conference, which demonstrates the connection between modern obstetrical procedures and neurospinal damages and promotes a chiropractic philosophy of life regarding the birth process.  He is an international guest lecturer on health, healing and wellness at seminars , conventions and graduations.  He was chosen as one of America’s 27 best chiropractor by Self Magazine out of a pool of 65000.  He practiced in Yardley, Pa from 1978 to 1997.