What is Essential to Life is Invisible to the Eye

Humankind has been studying man, dead and alive, for 5000 years. it has compiled, card indexed, recorded and stored this mass of information in billions of books, in thousands of libraries and in millions of silicon chips in thousands of computers. It has passed all his knowledge about the human body to millions of brains, small and great.

If we were to place all the scientists in the world in the most sophisticated, technologically advanced laboratory with unlimited funds, they could not make one tissue cell!
Yet, within every woman, be she black or white, yellow or red, savage or civilized ignorant or educated, is a biological inner intelligence that can and does make a whole human being in 280 days!
Not only does it make it, but it also causes it to live, grow, adapt, heal, mend and repair. This biological intelligence is an intangible that cannot be seen, measured, analyzed or bottled. It is as intangible as the educated intelligence of any one person.
It is not because it cannot be seen that it does not exist. It is invisible yet essential to life. It is the only difference between a living, breathing, talking human being and a corpse.

This biological intelligence utilizes the nervous system as a communication system to link the bio-computer – the brain/spinal cord system- to the printer of life – the human body – with all of its systems, organs, parts and tissues.

The spine is the organ that houses and protects the delicate spinal cord.

A well tuned spine automatically means a nervous system functioning more efficiently and more accurately. The immediate positive effect is a body that expresses better health, a body that performs better on all levels under the organizing coordinating control of the biological intelligence within.

Chiropractic uniquely specializes in the regular tuning of the spine so as to counteract the effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress that modern life places on our body.

Considering that the skeletal system is the most battered system in the body, shouldn’t it be the system people give the most attention to?
So, remember, what is essential to life and health is invisible to the eye.

Take care of your spine, get adjusted regularly and enjoy better health and wellbeing.