The Jamie Clark Story

Here is the Jamie Clark story. It demonstrates the positive impact of chiropractic on the physiology of children. Keep in mind that this story is taken from a mostly wellness chiropractic office, seeing an average of over 140 children per week regularly. Since most of them were asymptomatic to start with, there is only a small pool to draw from that was symptomatic. Jamie Clark is the most profound of these stories.

Jamie Clark was born February 15, 1993 via modern technological obstetrical procedures.

She was a C-section baby during which she was in fetal distress. Vacuum extraction was used to pull her out of the lower abdominal incision.

The suction cup left Jamie’s face black and blue from the crown of the head to the eyebrows. Within three weeks the discoloration disappeared but a large cephalo-hematoma remained. Jamie was sent to St. Mary’s Hospital in Langhorne, PA for skull X-rays that revealed a calcified hematoma.

Her own body dissolved the calcification within a period of four months.

On April 19, 1993 Jamie was taken to a pediatrician for a check-up. She received the DPT and oral Polio vaccines.

Within three weeks Jamie developed an ear infection, which was treated with Amoxicillin to no avail.

A week later Ceclor, another antibiotic, was prescribed. Jamie started vomiting excessively, refused bottles, became restless and only slept in two to three hours intervals.

She developed diarrhea, kicked and stiffen her body and cried constantly.

In early June 1993, Jamie was referred to Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. Baby formula was changed to Nutramigen, a predigested hypoallergic formula. Every 48 hours stool hemacultures revealed blood in her feces.

On June 18, 1993 Jamie was given a barium uppergastrointestinal tract examination. The result was negative with no evidence of esophageal reflux. Blood and stool specimens were taken. Blood was still present in the feces.

The gastroenterological diagnosis is:

Post-viral enteritis, C-difficile enteritis, colitis secondary to antibiotic usage, allergic colitis, gastresophageal reflux with esophagitis, gastric and/or duodenal ulcer disease, duodenitis secondary to congenital or autoimmune phenomena.

On June 22, 1993 Jamie received Demerol and Versed by intravenous injection and preparation fro an upper endoscopy where a tube in inserted into the mouth through the esophagus, through the stomach and into the duodenum.

Biopsies were taken from the duodenum, the antrum of the stomach and the esophagus. Results revealed duodenitis and esophagitis.

Zantac and Reglan were prescribed.

On July 9, 1993, a gastric emptying study or milk scan was performed by mixin baby formula with Technetium and Sulfur Colloid. The results showed no definite evidence of reflux into the upper esophageus but a marked delay in initial rate of stomach emptying. It suggested an antral grinding dysfunction.

On July 15, 1993 at a follow up visit with the pediatrician, DPT, oral Polio and HIP shots were administered. Since ear infection was still present, SMZ-TMP antibiotic was administered. Due to Jamie’s apparent clubfeet, she was referred to an orthopedist surgeon for examination.

On July 19, 1993, the ear infection has progressed into both ears. The pediatrician prescribes Lorabid suspension and another regimen of antibiotics.

On July 21, 1993, the ear infection has worsened and Erythromicin is prescribed with the recommendation of inner ear tubes insertion.

On July 29, 1993, the ear infection finally clears. The pediatrician suggested Amoxicillin as a prophylactic antibiotic therapy. The parent refused.

On July 30, 1993, the orthopedic surgeon recommended tearing of Jamie’s feet ligaments, corrective casts and possible Fillhauer bars with corrective shoes to deal with Jamie’s club feet.

Jamie, now five and an half months old, was taking antibiotics three times a day, Zantac twice a day, Reglan four times a day, Tylenol and Ambesol. She had become chemically toxic and was facing orthopedic surgery.

On August 4, 1993, I saw Jamie Clark for the first time. Her parents reported that she was very irritable, vomited frequently, slept sporadically and had stomach pain. She was very thin, pale and lifeless.

I held a gentle contact on her left occiput, a double notch contact on her sacrum, adjusted Jamie’s right temporal suture and her Atlas vertebrae.

Since I could not tell the parents to take her off all the medications, because it is the practice of medicine, I stated that, if she were my baby, I would take her off every drugs.

On August 6, 1993, Jamie returned to my office a very happy infant. She slept better, ate well and had no stomach pain. I adjusted her again and placed her on a three times a week chiropractic care schedule.

The parents asked: “what about the bow legs and club feet?” I explained that all I could do was to clear the nerve system of interferences caused by subluxations, the rest was up to Jamie’s innate ability to heal.

I also explained that I monitor heel tension, foot flare, leg length, leg adduction, ankle flare, microwave emission and muscle tone as a mean of analysis of her neuro-spinal system. I usually notice a reduction of these variables after adjustments. This means that in most people, alignment of the legs, ankles and feet shift as a result of spinal adjustments.

Every visit thereafter, Jamie improved dramatically. I noticed that her legs and feet were turning toward “normal”.

A follow-up visit to the Bucks County Orthopedic Group confirmed that the hips were normal, the knees were normal and the feet still had a mild metatarsus adductus deformity, which should resolve spontaneously.

It is my firm conviction that Jamie’s clubfeet and bowlegs were caused by excessive spinal cord tension due to subluxations produced by a traumatic birth. Her situation was further complicated by chemical overload from medications and by physical stress from the numerous medical procedures.

By the time I left practice in 1997, Jamie was coming in for wellbeing care on a regular basis along with her parents. She was a completely normal baby, happy, healthy and walking like any other child of her age.

I wonder what would have happened to Jamie if she had continued down the medical interventions road.

What would have happened if I had refused to see her because she did not have back pain or any apparent neuromuscular problem?

What would have happened if the neighbors, that referred her to my office, believed that chiropractic is for bad back? Would they have talked to Jamie’s parents pleading them to send her to a chiropractor?

What would have happened if I had played doctor, requested all her medical records, taking X-Rays, performing orthopedic, neurological exams prior to adjusting her?

Wouldn’t have I duplicated the very approached that failed to get her well?

Would her parents have allowed it after all they had seen their baby go through?

Would they have thought, what a fool I was to attempt to compete and duplicate the very best medical care a child can get at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital?

Instead I acted in the now moment. My heart was wide open in hearing the plight and suffering of this infant. I acted out of the goodness in my heart, in total trust that within that sick body was trapped a healthy joyful infant. I used my intuition and instinct, letting my senses give me a full reading of Jamie’s subluxation patter.

Instead of addressing the darkness and what was wrong with her, I turned on the light and address what was right in her.

To me Chiropractic is not an alternative for medicine. Chiropractic stands on its own and everyone can enjoy its benefit whether sick or well. Medicine is about sickness and disease. Chiropractic is about life.