It’s Practical

Chiropractic philosophy is a practical tool to use in daily practice. It is not some kind of conceptual  model that only lives in B. J. Palmer’s Green Books or remains stored in some remote recess of our brain.

From the knowledge and understanding of the existence of a Universal Intelligence stems the realization that every speck of matter, every space, every dimension and inter dimension is impregnated, wrapped and bathed by the Intelligence of the Universe.

We live in a soup of Intelligence.

From electron to quarks, from bones to kidneys, from animals to trees and rocks, Universal Intelligence  is ever present within, without, through and throughout.  This today is a scientific fact widely enunciated by quantum physic, sociology, biology, cosmology, theology, philosophy, poetry and religion.

For chiropractors it has a special meaning because it gives reverence towards the body and all forms of life.  It allows us to trust the physiological process of homeostasis or the biological process of healing which ever is at work.  It gives us a clear deductive understanding of the purpose of various body responses and symptoms. It provides answers that are constant and stable even before scientific facts emerge.

Fever for example is not viewed in chiropractic as a malefic symptom but to the contrary as a purposeful beneficial response to internal changes or challenges.

We understood this philosophically long before science uncovered that fever inhibits bacterial reproduction, kills viruses, destroys cancer cells, stimulates white blood cells activity and motility and enhances biochemical output.  Overall fever is the resolution to an internal disturbance, by no means the cause of a problem.  This is why Chiropractic does advocate to leave physiological fever alone and let it do it’s job.

To Chiropractic, tonsils cannot be vestigeal remnants of millenniums of evolution that can  be cut out at the drop of a hat.  We have been vocal against the systematic removal of tonsil because we understood philosophically that they had to have a purpose long before science came to realize that they are the “fuse box” of the upper respiratory system. Tonsils form a defensive ring called the Ring of Waldeyer composed of the pharyngeal, lingual and palatine tonsils.  They are highly lymphatic organs designed to combat infections at the throat level thus preventing infections to reach the lower respiratory systems and the lungs.

The appendix, from a chiropractic  philosophical  standpoint must also have an intelligent function. Science understands now that it is the “safety valve” of the gastrointestinal  system. Placed strategically out of the way of the flow of food and intestinal content, it is a lymphatic organ, highly vascular designed to draw and combat infections of the digestive track.

Pain has the obvious mission of signaling that something is either wrong, damaged or broken. It is also a guiding mechanism to inform us of the changes needed and if those changes are working.  It is at times a form of internal “meditation” constantly bringing us back to center.  It can also be, when excruciating, a form of mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing mostly unconsciously expressed by: “My God, oh my God it hurts.”  Obviously we all have different threshold to pain and access to painkiller can be a saving grace.  But from a physiological and philosophical perspective it may not be the most beneficial thing to do because it hides the real message.

Vitamin K injection for newborn within minutes of them coming into the world cannot possibly stand chiropractic philosophical scrutiny.

Can it be possible that out of one cell barely visible to the naked eye, the Wisdom of the Universe can manufacture a baby with all of its parts, tissues, organs and system and yet forgot to put in Vitamin K?

Could it be possible that having the inherent knowledge of all of the biological sciences from embryology to dermatology, from cardiology to biochemistry, from nephrology to myology, this Innate Intelligence suddenly became stupid and did not know to manufacture and produce Vitamin K?  Philosophically it makes little sense.

Vaccination is a broad and delicate issue but chiropractically it has no ground to stand on.  We came out of our mothers equipped with all the cells of the immune system. This means that within ourselves exist a built-in knowledge of immunology. An internal know-how far greater than could possibly be accumulated by all of the world’s  research facilities.

Chiropractic has always been opposed philosophically to vaccination because it could not accept that injecting the pus of diseased cows, ulcerated swines and monkeys, bypassing all natural portal of entry and body defenses could possibly be beneficial.  Retrospection taught us that the decline in infectious disease had little to nothing to do with immunization programs and everything to do with improved sanitation, nutrition, housing, hygiene and the natural cycles of microorganisms,.  The recent special report on vaccination in the December 96 issue of Money magazines gives chilling evidence of the link between Polio vaccine, the SV-40 virus and the increased rate of cancer.  There is now strong suspicion that vaccination is a major contributing factor to AIDS/autoimmunedeficiency diseases.

Morning sickness experienced by pregnant women cannot be an aberration of nature that must be suppressed with medication. Philosophically we know that life is smarter than that.

Morning sickness is but a cleansing mechanism design to prevent any toxins from reaching the growing fetus. The nausea and vomiting, typical of that stage of pregnancy, happens to take place during a phase of embryological development where rapid fetal tissue differentiation occurs. A phase during which any interference by toxins could be harmful. Thus, vomiting expels toxicity while nausea prevents the pregnant women from desiring strong tasting foods that may harbor toxic substances.

So the understanding of the philosophical tenets that are the corner stone of Chiropractic provides a directional force, a grounding and centering medium to approach and answer any question pertaining to health and the human body.  It dispenses a constant focus and motivation to educate the public so that they too can come from center to answer their own questions.

When parents ask questions about their babies and children, answering from a philosophical standpoint provide a tremendous advantage because it grounds people in the understanding of principles, laws and premises rather than mere facts. Remember that the facts of yesterday are displaced by the facts of today which will be displaced by the facts of tomorrow. Philosophical principles and laws are immutable truth.

It is wiser to manage our life and practice by principles rather than transient facts or outcome.