Health Care: Is It A Lie?

When exploring the topic of health, we must first recognize that what we call “health care” is in reality sickness and disease care.
When was the last time you walked into a hospital, a medical center or a doctor’s office and said, “Doc, I feel radiant and terrific, is there anything you can do to keep me that way? Of course this does not happen because you must have a symptom, a sickness, or a disease to utilize the so-called “health care delivery system.”

Medicine, supported by the pharmaceutical companies, constitutes the so-called “health care system.” Without placing a judgment on it we must recognize it for what it is: a sickness and disease management industry. Everything in the study of medicine focuses on symptoms, sickness, disease, pathology, and morbidity.

But what about preventive medicine one may ask? Isn’t preventive medicine a form of health care? No, not really!
The sole purpose of preventive medicine is the early detection of pathologies. The intent is to have early diagnosis, apply early treatment and hope for a better prognosis or chance of recovery.

So in reality preventive medicine is still a form of sickness and disease care by seeking early detection.

So we see that what we call “health care” is in actuality “sickness and disease care.”

There is however, apart from medicine, a true positive health care delivery system. A health care system you do not have to be sick to utilize. A health care system that truly potentializes your own individual capacity for wellbeing.

That system encompasses a growing number of professions and disciplines spearheaded by Chiropractic. Chiropractic is not the only one, but it is certainly the first profession to focus on health rather than sickness; it is also the largest drugless health profession in the world today.

In conclusion, Health care is the care we seek while well, while in a state of health so as to ensure continuous well being.

Isn’t it time we change our approach to health and take care of our health while we have it? That’s health care!

Try Chiropractic for the health of it!