Feeling Edgy?

Stress seems to be the modern villain today. No matter where you turn, which newspaper you read or which talk show you watch, stress appears to be the cause of every ailment from heart attack to stroke, colitis to cancer, headache to anorexia, etc.

It is interesting that no one ever tells you what stress is! We have made stress out to be some intangible, esoteric, invisible aggressor that wreaks havoc with our bodies.

Stress, however, has very real physiological manifestations: First, the tension of the nervous system increases as the meninges contract pulling the spinal cord, causing the cord to rise up to two inches into the skull. This is witnessed by a corresponding stooped position, head forward, shoulders and back “up” posture.

We might say that things are “getting on our nerves,” that we have “our back up against the wall” or have “stretched ourselves to the limit,” or that we are “uptight” or “high-strung.”

From increased nerve tension, nerve fire into muscles causing a tightening of the musculature everywhere.
This is experienced as tension, especially in the back of the neck, shoulders and lower back. Instinctively, people will grab their necks with one hand while saying, ”I am stressed out” or reach for their lower backs with both hands while stretching backwards acknowledging that they have a had a tough day.

This muscular response caused by nerve tension also takes place in the internal organs that are mostly lined with muscle. It may lead to shortness of breath, spastic colon, palpitation, stomach pain and other symptomatologies. It also causes a cascade of chemical responses through out the body and immune system because we have become sympathetic dominant. This means our nerve system is predominently in ‘fight-flight’ mode.

The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to release stress stored in the nervous system and in the spinal system.
Due to the relaxation response experienced after an adjustment, a myriad of symptoms and problems may be alleviated through self-healing, the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

In addition, a nervous system cleared regularly of stress is more flexible and adaptable. This allows us to take on new stresses as a positive challenge rather than an overburden. It is the difference between being indebt verses earning interest!”

Anyone truly interested in improving the quality of their lives should join the millions that have already experienced the positive effects of regular chiropractic care.