Does Humanity and the World Need Another Therapy?

There are thousands of therapies within the allopathic medical arena.

Thousands more exist within the alternative holistic field with new ones emerging constantly.

For centuries humanity has been seeking ways to treat ailments, sickness and disease, devising countless new treatments, therapies, and approaches, disregarding old ones only to readopt them at a latter date.  The cycle of therapies seems unending, as cyclical as designer fashion.

Therapies are hardly in shortage! On a nearly weekly basis new therapies emerge.

They are the new shining rising stars, promising cure for all kinds of ailments.

In time, they become falling stars, forgotten from the public mind.

Would one more therapy, one more treatment, one more approach, no matter how natural, really makes a difference?

It is questionable and doubtful.

What humanity needs is a brand new principle, an innovative, fresh and creative approach to life.

What the people of the earth need is a complete and total departure from the therapeutic model of life.

What we need is an avenue that changes human consciousness in relationship to life, health, healing, wellness and wellbeing.

What is needed is a new philosophy for living.

Chiropractic cannot compete, will not thrive and is sure to disappear if used and promoted solely as a natural “therapy”. Chiropractic is doomed if utilized only as a natural mean to get sick people well or a “treatment” for back pain and neuromuscular problems.

Chiropractic has gone through the growing pains of its infancy.

First claiming to be a cure for deafness, then stating that it gets sick people well, and moving on, declaring to keep people healthy.  All of those claims are partly true and partly lies and deception.

The recent rash of tragedies among some of the most vocal and prominent leaders of our profession is but a shocking reminder that indeed there is a lot to reconsider.

Most of them have been stricken in one form or another by some pathology.  B.J. Palmer himself was brought down by cancer of the spine. Yet we look at these phenomenon and conjure ways to rationalize them in order to keep ourselves in the game, in practice and in our illusions.

When are we going to really look honestly at what we say, promote and believe?

When are we going to wake up from our own delusion and rise to truly dispense the principles inherent to Chiropractic?

When are we going to take Chiropractic out of its infancy and into adolescence and maturity?

We have a pristine philosophy of life that the world is starving for.  We have a philosophy for living that alters, in a dramatic fashion, the way that people relate to themselves.

It transforms their relationship to life, to their health, the healing process, wellness and wellbeing.

It leads many to birth, feed and raise their children in a totally different way.

It causes them to approach death in a brand new light. It inspires them to take the high road and disconnect from the program followed blindly by the masses. It brings them out of the ‘herd mentality’. It instills self-responsibility in living.  It merges inner and outer ecology.  It is significant.

The chiropractic philosophy and principles empower individual with the magnificence  and magic of their own being.

It gives them ownership of The Giant within.  Infused with the understanding and knowledge of Chiropractic philosophy the shackles of fear, dependency and ignorance are cut loose.

Could we elevate ourselves above the egotistic behavior of doctors and express what we primarily and really are: teachers of living principles delivering adjustments to facilitate the flow of life energy between brain and body.

Could it be possible to turn our offices into “Cafes of Life” serving fine knowledge and wisdom?

Could we turn our Chiropractic assistants into “Divas” at the “Counter of the Cafe of Life” in our waiting rooms.

Could we as Chiropractors become mentors and examples for other to be inspired by?

Could we make our number one priority in practice to be an enzyme, a catalyst, a facilitator to transform consciousness by sharing and teaching our vitalistic principles and philosophy?

Could there be more value in transforming consciousness in a significant and permanent way than in attempting to alleviate an ache or a pain that a drug can do faster and better than we can?

Could we create attraction just by the radiance of our own being? Could we adjust people, unattached to the outcome, just for the sake of releasing life force which is light which is spirit and reconnect them with themselves? I believe and know this is possible.

We all know that everyone regardless of age, or condition is better off with a good nerve supply and a free flow of information between brain and body.

I believe and know it to be what the public is thirsty for.  I believe and know that when we serve at this level, the public eats it like hot cakes.  I have seen it done here and there throughout the country and I have done it myself for 20 years!

Yes, people will come to our offices first and foremost for the philosophy we dispense and secondarily for the adjustment if that’s what is on the menu. It may not be what they think they want yet it is always retrospectively what they really needed.

It is a reality, a viable reality that brings joy, ease and freedom into every moment of our lives.

The reward is so great, it can be overwhelming. The difference made in people’s lives is profound and real. We have touched their lives in a deep and significant way. They become a genuine voice for chiropractic and a bottomless source referrals.

What freedom there is in finally speaking truth!  Wings grow when there is no holding back.  Stress melts when there is nothing to remember or forget.  Guided by inner knowledge and wisdom, words spring forward effortlessly.  Reinforced by real life experiences validation abounds. Conviction, commitment, love and heart become self-evident.

Suddenly work has melted into hobby and play. The “Endless Vacation” has began. Success is unavoidable. The radiance of your own being speaks for itself. Attraction is potent, no need to constantly reach out for a new crop.  They come because they yearned for what we dispense.

This is the breakthrough to extraordinary possibilities needed by the profession and wanted by the public. Indeed the world does not need another therapy.  It needs Chiropractic delivered in its totality: philosophy, science and art.