Can’t Argue With Horses

There is no doubt that a great shift in understanding as to the benefits of regular chiropractic care has taken place nationwide. Today, more than ever before, babies and children, young, healthy people and parents with their entire families are receiving regular chiropractic care as part of their commitment to better health.

Athletes from all fields are improving their performance and breaking their own records as their inner potential is unleashed by means of regular spinal “tune ups”.

Through experience and understanding the public is using chiropractic for what it is primarily designed for – health enhancement and better life expression.

After all, it would be as foolish to limit chiropractic to the care of backache and neck pain as it would be to limit the use of our head as strictly a place to hang you hat!

An interesting sideline: the use of chiropractic is not limited to people.
Countless owners of racehorses whose main objective is to win, request spinal check up for their protégé prior to each race.
Chiropractic at the racetrack is quickly becoming the hottest thing going because better performance is the result.
My longtime friend, Jay Komarek, D.C. is possibly the leading ‘horse whisperer authority’ on equine chiropractic. To watch him adjust horses is truly a facinating experience. His heart and mind connection to the horses is the key he uses to have these horses totally surrender to his touch. Horses owners throughout the USA and many parts of the world are paying a hefty fee, without a seconfd thought, to have their horses adjusted.
Why? Because they witness the amazing changes and improvements in performance, gait, balance and overall health of their horses.
No one can argue with results or horses.