Armor All

We are in a society that is awakening to the unlimited potential for wellness and a happy life.

We are beginning to tap into the inner well of life and into the wealth of knowledge, power and creativity available from within.

For most adults this inner journey to tap and draw from those inner natural resources is a long and tedious one because of the armor we have built around ourselves.

This armor, although invisible, is very real and is made up of a series of “filters” accumulated on our nerve system as a result of various traumas which were overwhelming to our being.

We perceive our world via inputs received by our nerve system such as sound, light, smell, taste, touch and feelings. We respond and adapt to the world by releasing outputs created by our nerve system.

Any filters placed on our nerve system strongly distort our view of reality.

This distortion causes us to live in the past, in the future, in fear, defensively, in apprehension or in any other possible twisted mode of operation.

For most of us, living and experiencing our world in the absolute “now” is an unknown. Yet this is how we came into this world as babies, with a nerve system cleared of any filter: no hang ups, no beliefs, no judgments, no pre-conceived ideas, just a clean slate to receive all things as they are and to live in the “now”. To live in the “now” is truly divine. It is to be in touch with God.

Through the process of spinal adjustments and through touch, which is the language of love, a “clearing out” of the nerve system is possible, leading to this experience of the world as “little children.”

The thinner the armor the quicker the process. The result is not only a greater expression of life, but also healing, transformation and growth from the inside out.

Meningeal, soft tissue and structural adjustments release the memories of past traumas stored within, tumbles stored potential energy for integration and free life force within the body.

The experience that ensue is a deeper connection with our inner self, calmness and centeredness and an attunement to the present moment.

Chiropractic aligns the spiritual with the physical thus allowing for the totality of our expression. It reconnects us with ourselves and restores harmony and unity.