An Ecological Responsibility

In the last few decades there has been a growing worldwide interest in the preservation of the external environment.

The Cousteau Society along with the Greenpeace movement and many other organizations gained support from millions of private citizens as well as thousands of corporations throughout the world.

This ecological revolution has been joined and supported by many governments who took steps to regulate the dumping of toxic wastes, to control the storage of radioactive materials and to clean up the air we breathe and the water we drink.

As a practitioner of positive health care this recent drive to restore a healthy sane external environment has been exciting to watch. There is no doubt that this ecological trend wll have a positive impact on the health and well being of every living species on the face of our planet.

In the meantime all this ecological progress will become meaningless unless we start immediately a massive clean up of our own internal environment.

The human organism, it’s blood, genetic make-up and body parts has become dangerously toxic due to the constant influx and downpour of over the counter drugs and prescribed medications, not withstanding abusive exposure to cancer causing x-rays and radiopharmaceuticals.

We have learned through our own mistakes that nature need no help, just no interference, that even advanced technology cannot improve upon the natural balance of life.

We must start to relearn that the human body is a marvel of creation that has to be understood ecologically.

The human body can and does express health if we treat it properly, if we remove interference to its functioning and respect the laws of life.

Health care, true positive health care, means taking care of our health while well. It means doing something positive for ourself on a regular basis while in a state of biological balance or homeostasis.

It means minimizing the influx of negative destructive behavior so as to keep our “health bank account” on the positive side of zero.

It means seeking a true and deep understanding of those “weather fluctuation” we call symptoms so as to stop interfering with the body’s inner processes.

It is in seeking true positive proactive health practices, in opposition to emergency symptoms, sickness and disease care, that we can contribute to the cleaning up of our own internal environment.

As adults and parents we have a responsibility to ensure and preserve the continuation of the human race.

By reconsidering and rethinking the way we take care of our body and health, by evolving from being “crisis oriented” to become seeker of true positive proactive health care, we can forever cast in stone the work of Jean-Jacques Cousteau, of the new Greenpeace director Richard Grossman and all of those who dedicate their lives to clean up the world in which we live.

The Health of the earth begins within ourselves!
The chiropractic profession has been the leader in the internal ecological movement for over 120 years.