AIDS. Another View. Prevention.

The recent emergence of AIDS and other immune deficiency diseases is disrupting our society at all levels.

Families are torn apart, children are ostracized in schools, employees are fired from work, churches deny services to targeted groups, insurance companies refuse to provide coverage and righteous people are quick to point the finger at the cause of this new evil.

Everyone wants to hide and escape from this monster, this elusive virus.

There is little doubt that a virus is associated with AIDS and other immune deficiency diseases.

But have we lost sight of the fact that the resistance of the host is paramount in health and in sickness?

No amount of virus or bacteria would cause a strong and healthy individual, a person with a high body resistance, to succumb to the disease.

Virologists recognize that about 3500 viruses live in our bodies on a regular basis. Most of the time we are not even aware of them.

We must ask ourselves if people are sick because they have the virus present in pneumonia, cancer or AIDS or if these viruses are causing trouble because they were sick in the first place.

To say that cancer causes people to be sick is like saying that flies bring garbage.

It is when people have abused themselves through destructive lifestyle, excessive stress, chronic suppression of symptoms and longterm malfunction that their resistance is low and they can no longer overcome the intruders.

The constant abuse, misuse and overuse of drugs, medications and antibiotics can weaken people’s immune systems making them vulnerable to breakdowns and illnesses.

Chronic malnutrition as seen in Africa is also a known cause of immune system breakdown which can lead to AIDS.

The answer to this new threat as well as to all diseases is to stay healthy in the first place.

Chiropractic focuses essentially on preserving good health by freeing the Life Force that is choked off by spinal subluxations and by teaching people about healthy life style, wellness and the laws of life.

A recent research program undertaken by the Preventative Medicine Institute of the Strang Clinic in New York revealed that healthy people under regular chiropractic care have an immune index 400 times higher than healthy people not under chiropractic care.

Healthy people being “people who eat properly, exercise regularly and live clean lifestyles”.

There is no greater cure than prevention. Maybe it’s time to join the millions of people who enjoy better health through regular chiropractic care.

That is a commitment you must make to yourself and to your health. Aren’t you worth it?