What is a Café of Life?

Heart-of-chiro-smA Café of Life® is a place that thinks radically different about health, healing and well-being. It is about people, life and living. Where health, life and human potential are honored and focused upon at all times. Where the public is being “Served The Exceptional Chiropractic Experience”.

The Café of Life® is a unique concept. It is a structure that provides an environment to practice Vitalistic Chiropractic. It is a model of practice that is congruent with Chiropractic Philosophy and Principles.

A Café of Life® is, first and foremost, an internal state of being held by the Chiropractor. This state of being arises from deep core values, profound internal work and self-healing at the Core level, as well as solid Chiropractic Philosophical foundations. All this is combined with a desire to serve humanity from the heart with masterful skills and passion.

The Café of Life® model has its own linguistic related to Chiropractic, well-being and vitalism. It has a specific practice consciousness and inner management system.

Ultimately, it is based on trust in life; trust in one’s self and belief in the self-determination, self-responsibility and self-accountability of the human spirit.